Top 10 Online Dating Tricks

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Dating Tricks

Let me introduce you to the new world of dating: Online dating. More and more people are digitized now more than ever. And a considerable number of individuals are seeking love and companionships on their phones.

Online dating sites bring you closer to finding “the one.” If you are a newbie starting it can be quite scary considering the nasty and crazy stuff out there about online dating. If you’re getting started or you’ve been playing the online dating roulette without much success, you can get a worthwhile partner in no time.

How? What are the best dating sites that will guarantee you the best results? You need an ace under your sleeve to win with online dating. Typical actions won’t get you extraordinary results.

Online Dating Tricks

  1. Trust your instincts

With online dating, you need to take extra precaution. You are exposed to a sea of potential mates who could turn out to be creeps. Avoid giving out your details like phone number, email, home and work address especially in your early interactions with a new interest.

The guy on tinder posting pictures in a BMW, leaning on a bottle of Ciroc could be stunting. Be on the lookout for aggressiveness, negative talk or critical behavior. Don’t put up with bad behavior and trust your instincts to make a sound judgment.

  1. Kill that desperate voice

Strip away that eagerness and desperate vibe just because you want a partner. If you come out too eager or desperate, you will miss the vital qualities to look out for in your choice of partner and set yourself up for a disaster.

Don’t be thirsty for affection. Losers, players, users, and creeps can sniff off a desperate conquest a mile away.

  1. Craft an interesting profile

Your profile should be captivating and ooze mystery. Let your magnetic personality and confidence pull in prospects. Take off that fear filter. Stop blabbing about redundant shit and making random observations.

Remember you are showcasing your brand. Are you a sex appeal goddess or a humor queen? You don’t have to chase affection, be unapologetically you. Be real. People feel when you are fake. Highlight what traits you are seeking. If it’s a partner for cuffing season say it.

Be engaging, comfortable and open enough. Remember you do not thirst trap. You are seeking respectful and worthy interests to pop up on your radar.

Online Dating Tricks

  1. Head boss is in-charge

With online dating, you’re not just putting your face out there but also your personality. When your personality shines, potential mates flood your timeline. It can be quite exhausting having to deal with all the attention and interests.

You are in charge. Schedule your chats and meet-ups at your own time and comfort. Get to know your prospects before setting up that first date. Let your online persona breath and grow with each passing day. There is no pressure to engage all the new faces.

  1. Be your biggest fan

Be light, be fun and be witty. You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian but have a sense of humor. Work that confidence. Showcase a positive attitude and contagious enthusiasm. What you feel on the inside, you will project on the outside. Negative energy is a total turn off. No one is perfect, and that cancerous thinking with your mind focusing on your flaws will roll your confidence in the mud. Think higher. Confidence sets the pace on who you attract and how you are treated.

  1. Rock that selfie like Picasso

A picture is worth a thousand words. Dress to impress and always accentuate your positives. Your photos should sell your brand. Do you appear confident? Are you intriguing, oozing of charm and sex appeal? Smile and let your personality shine. A smile makes more you attractive.

Humans are visual beings. We are attracted to what we see. Like your CV you only want to highlight your best side. Make sure your photos are up to date. Avoid group photos or photos of your pets.

Top 10 Online Dating Tricks

  1. Thou shall obey 90/10 online dating rule

90% of the stuff you find online is total crap. Most guys want to get laid. You are exposed to a bunch of creepy weird losers. Only 10 % of online partners will be worth your time. You need to sift through a pile of dirt to find your gem.

You need a high dose of patience, or else you’ll quickly lose your cool and feel like online dating is worthless. According to research your chances of picking the best date is highest if you reject outright the first 37%. We don’t choose who we find; we find who we attract.

  1. Go for a real date

As soon as you connect with the one who makes it through the 10% pool of guys that are worth your time you need to step on full gear and take the interaction offline. This can save you time to verify if he’s all talk and no actions. You can’t fall for what you read on the internet.

Spending too much time conversing with someone online quickly turns stale, and you may be setting up yourself for disaster. Better to get done with it, if it’s not a serious prospect toss him/her in the bin and move on. Remember you have a goal and it’s not to be chat king or queen.

Online dating sites bring you closer to finding “the one.” If you are a newbie starting it can be quite scary considering the nasty and crazy stuff out there about online dating. If you’re getting started or you’ve been playing the online dating roulette without much success, you can get a worthwhile partner in no time.

  1. Keep it short and sweet.

According to various research, women and men tend to draft long messages to partners they find desirable. In fact twice long. You are setting yourself up for failure. Why? Long messages are annoying and tiring to the eye.

You come off as being desperate and needy. You want to maintain your interest and be captivating. Spark some mystery and have a life. Cultivate hobbies and interests other than your online dating endeavors. Reaffirm your worth and stop relying on external validation — Master the art of saying more with less.

  1. Master the art of flirting

Do you want to get an adequately vetted partner? You need to brush up your conversation skills and get comfortable being a flirt. You don’t want to start giggling or freeze up when a cute guy pops up in your chat box.

The key to flirting: don’t give a fuck about how you come across or what the outcome will be. Embrace your brand.

Flirting isn’t about winking or getting overly sexual. It’s about being comfortable in your skin around a man you want to cuff and possibly get into a serious relationship.

When you give someone too much power and make them larger than the life you end up stumbling over your words and forgetting your train of thoughts. Good luck getting a date or a second one.

Bottom line

To succeed at online dating, you need a rock-solid strategy. You need the confidence to make your plan actionable and a bag of tricks to save you precious time. When you master how to promote your qualities online, you are halfway through winning with online dating.

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