New apps come and go every day, with developers striving forward to introduce new improvements in their apps each day. Today, we will be discussing about the top 10 best apps in 2017 that you must have in your phone.

  • Google Maps

Google Maps is probably the best navigation app available out there, and is one of the best Android Apps available till date. It gets frequent updates, which adds some incredibly great features to its existing list of features. Aside from the basic tasks that Google Maps does, it gives you access to traffic data, places of interest, such as cafeteria, restaurants, and you can even book cabs from it nowadays!

Both Google Now and Google assistant are solid Android apps. They are integrated as one, and are virtually the same thing. Google Now is the same as Siri or Cortana. Assistant is basically the same as Now, but it is a more advanced version. These can assist you in sending texts, voice search, issue commands, and do a number of stuff.

  • Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is particularly the best app launcher available today. It extends features beyond what normally found in launcher. And in addition to this, it has been constantly updated with various features, including the ability to change icon themes, home screen set ups, back up & restore settings etc.

  • Google Drive Suite

Google Drive is a cloud storage app, which is available to all Android users and each new user can get 15 GB worth of space for free permanently. If a user wishes for more, he/she can easily get it by purchasing more. Moreover, what makes the Google drive stand out is the suite of Android Apps that go with it, including Google Photos, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Keep, Google Slides, Google Sheets and Google Docs.

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  • Google Play Music and YouTube

Google Play music can both read your local files and play music online. Additionally, you are able to upload thousands of songs to the service for no cost. YouTube is kind of self-explanatory. The video streaming platform has more content than a human can see in his or her lifetime, or even several lifetimes.

  • Express VPN

If you wish to keep your Android device safe on some vulnerable public Wi-Fi, you will need solid VPN protection. ExpressVPN is one of the finest, secure and most trusted virtual private network apps available today. It is fast, safe and boasts an SSL-secure network along with 256-bit encryption and the best thing? Unlimited bandwidth and speed.

  • 1Weather

1Weather is unarguable one of the best weather apps available out there. It features a paginated design, which shows the current weather to the user, a radar, some fun stats and forecast for up to 12 weeks. Along with this, you will also get some standard stuff, such as weather notifications, a radar to see whether storms are approaching or not, and fairly decent lightly customizable widgets.

  • Blue Mail

Blue Mail is one all-rounder email app for all your mail needs. It boasts of a simple interface, with compatibility being extended with virtually every email provider out there. There are a smart set of settings, which allows the user to customize their experience. It also features Android Wear support, and the ability to lock private emails, color coding, widgets etc.

  • LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is one of the must-have apps for people who wants to have that extra security. It’s essentially a password manager, which allows you to save your login credentials in a secure way. It can also help you in generating passwords for you to use on your accounts. All of this is controlled with one master password.

  • Pocket Cast

People who enjoy using podcasts will definitely know about Pocket Cast. It is a great looking app, which is insanely stable and allows you to stream and download various podcasts for your enjoyment.

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