Tokyo Ghoul Season 3: Series Delayed Due to Madhouse Taking Over the Production?

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Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3:The intensity of the second instalment of Tokyo Ghoul left the fans jaw-dropped and since then they have been anxiously waiting to get an insight into the happenings of Tokyo Ghoul season 3. The leaked plot line of the third season created quite a lot of buzz among the viewers as several speculations triggered but there was no official confirmation on it. Therefore, it has still kept the viewers wondering. However, the leaked plot line was also taken as one of the reasons behind the delay of Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 and several other speculations were associated with the series delay.

Speculations are at rife that Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 is delayed due to Madhouse taking over the production

The Filming of Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 delayed due to Madhouse taking over the Project?

The fans have been left with a dispirited heart ever since there has been a delay in the filming of Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 and now another reason behind the series delay has triggered. According to a recent report by GamenGuide, the animation studioMadhouse has taken over the production of Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 and according to the fans such change in the filming of the series would be beneficial as Madhouse produces several other popular anime series.

The further report also states that a new character named Touka Kirishima will be introduced to the plot line of Tokyo Ghoul Season 3. And the storyline will be emphasising on Ken Kaneki.

Fans have a reason to sigh as Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 will be released at the end of this year.

Innumerable Tokyo Ghoul fans released their patience level when Jobs & Hire reported that Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 will hit the television screens this winter. Nevertheless, let’s not jump to a conclusion until and unless there is an official confirmation regarding the release of it.

Nevertheless, the second season of Tokyo Ghoul ended with a lot of unanswered question and now the viewers are eagerly waiting to witness all of it in Tokyo Ghoul Season 3.

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