Toilet Ek Prem Katha reflects our society’s attitude towards women

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The trailer of the upcoming movie of star Akshay Kumar released yesterday and aside from being quite entertaining and thought-provoking, it shows a side of our ‘modern’ society and how it feels about the women and their health and hygiene. The trailer portrays the actor as a protagonist working hard to help his wife and save his marriage from the mindset of his villagers.

The story revolves around the struggle of women in the rural areas of India and how they fall sick from the lack of the availability of facilities in the village. The trailer kicks off with a young man eager to get married and constitutes for the comedy but it takes a tragic turn when after the first night of the marriage, the bride is invited by the women of the village to use open fields to defecate. Unable to go, she is made fun of by them and asked if her in-laws aren’t feeding her enough.

The dialogues in the trailer itself are captivating and beg for our attention to the unnoticed struggle of women in many parts of India. The trailer suggested that the women have to work harder just because we live in a patriarchal society. Akshay’s marriage in the movie seems to be on the brink of failure unless he can get a toilet made in his home. His father in the movie is seen against the idea of having a toilet in the same house where they have the holy plant of Tulsi. Akshay regrets his luck and says that his destiny was written in a toilet and flushed upon. This symbolizes how a man’s struggle to stand up for women is trashed upon by the society.

The mentality of our society is in dire need of a change and as Anupam Kher says in the movie if we change nothing, nothing will change. A change first begins at home and that is depicted by the trailer clearly. Even though the whole village is against him, Akshay promises that he would bring a toilet in his village regardless of whether his marriage is saved or not. The trailer ends on a sad note where Akshay says that lovers in the past had created wonders like the Taj Mahal for their love but he couldn’t build a toilet.

The movie is set to release on Independence Day this year and is one of the most anticipated upcoming movies.

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