Titanfall 2 Cheats, Tips and Tricks: Know All Collectible Locations

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Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 launched last month and had already received widespread “universal acclaim”.As a sequel to the very successful first-person shooter video game, a lot is expected from the title. While there have been great reviews about PlayStation and Xbox One versions, the PC version has had a lukewarm reception.

Titanfall 2 Tips and Tricks

  • To master the mechanics of the title, players need to use the tactics alongside individual Pilot skills, while battling inside the gigantic Titans.
  • A player gets to use two modes for every Titan in which the towering Titans either protect you or linger about you doing whatever you say. The “AssaultKit” can be used to equip the Titan with accuracy.
  • You can climb onto your enemy’s else’s Titan and even steal their battery. If you latch onto an ally Titan, you’d automatically get their battery and their shield.
  • The Wrapfall is a Titan kit that allows users to summon their Titans faster although he’d lose the bubble shield. The way you can use this kit to your advantage is by dropping your Titan on your enemy’s back, knocking them right off.
  • Another Titan kit is the Nuclear Ejection that turns the Titans core into a nuclear bomb. When detonated, you can do massive destruction. However, we’d recommendthat you do it only when there’s no other option.

As per Game N Guide, these Titan 2 cheats will help youmaster the Pilot and Titan gameplay and speed up your whole gaming process.

Titanfall 2: All Collectible Locations (Pilot Helmets)

PowerPyx on youTube has published a video showing a complete guide on how to obtain all the collectibles in-game. Speaking on their guide, PowerPyx wrote:

“In Mission select, you can see how many Collectibles you have found. Additionally, you can pause the game anytime and see a little collectible tracker in the bottom right. They all look like glowing Pilot Helmets, and you must pick them up while on foot (not in your Titan). Once you find them, they are saved instantly. You can quit out to the main menu immediately without losing any progress, and you don’t have to get them again if you die. None of the Pilot Helmets is missable, they can be collected via mission select at any time.

There are 9 missions, and they all contain at least one collectible. You also get the trophies “Off the Beaten Path” for finding 10 Collectibles and “Collector” for finding 25 Collectibles.”

Stay tuned for more Titanfall 2 cheats, tricks, guides, and news righthere.

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