Tips to Strategize your JEE Mains Seamlessly

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JEE Main Cut off

The ones who aspire to pursue engineering through the IIT are bound to clear two of the most crucial exams-JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The JEE Main Cut off is the metric based on which one gets into an engineering college. This examination is one of the most challenging and crucial and requires proper preparation. In the JEE examination, there will be a total of 90 questions. PCM, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, respectively, will have thirty questions each.


Following are the tips to strategize your JEE Main preparation and cross the threshold for JEE Main Cut off-

  1. Learn NCERT first.

Ideally, you should start with the NCERT books, which form a base for the JEE main preparation. Building a strong base of all the concepts and theories from the NCERT books is essential. Around 60-70 % of the JEE Main paper is based on NCERT books. One of the essential attributes of JEE preparation is having a clear base of the syllabus. Once you are done with these books, you should refer to other books and study material.


  1. Choose the right kind of reference book.

The reference books cover topics from the basic level to to the advanced level questions, which are application based. Many students study from the books such as Objective Mathematics by R.D. Sharma for JEE Mathematics, and for Chemistry, they study for JEE from the books by J.D. Lee, O.P Tandon and Boyd. JEE Main Cut off goes high, and hence one should be very competitive and study with sheer dedication.


  1. Revise chapters daily and clear doubts then and there.

You should try to revise the topics more and more if you want to memorize them correctly. The revision enables you to remember all the essential facts and formulae, and this, in turn, improves your problem-solving to a great extent. Clearing your doubts then and there also enhances your accuracy. One should see to it that he never leaves his doubts un-cleared. To make their way through JEE main Cut off, the students can clear their doubts and queries with their friends and teachers. One should ensure that he has a crystal clear understanding of all the concepts.


  1. Solve the previous years JEE question papers.

It is very crucial to solve the JEE previous year’s question papers. This will help one gain a proper insight of a particular topic. One also gets an idea of the question pattern and the marking scheme for each subject topic. One major advantage of solving the previous year question paper is that the speed of the students is increased to a great extent.


  1. Mock tests.

If you want to get through the JEE Main cut-off and come out with shining colours, you should give the mock tests, which are available on the official website of NTA. You will be able to locate this website online. The more you delve deep into the concepts and practice mock tests, the more familiar you will become with the pattern of the exam.

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