Best Tips to Increase Clicks on Your Google Ads

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Increase Clicks on Your Google Ads

There are times when you are struggling with PPC marketing because hardly anyone is clicking on the ads. Getting in the slump is common, even for those who have been working with Google Ads for a while.

The most important thing to remember is that there is no reason to panic. Instead of focusing on all the negativity, you should look for ways that will introduce a breath of fresh air and make you profit from PPC marketing again. If you are looking for some ideas on how to launch a well-optimized campaign, look no further than this article. You will find the tips below.

Tip #1 – Use Advertising Products

There are great Google Ads tools like Clever Ads out there. You can boost your campaign performance, get a free Google Ads promo code, integrate Google Ads to Slack, create banners, calculate costs, and even translate campaigns. These are not all features that Clever Ads has in store for you, so be sure to check them out.

Tip #2 – Add Extensions

It would be unwise not to use available ad extensions. You can include extra information in an ad without sacrificing the main text or paying extra money.

Some of the best extensions are:

  • Sitelinks that allow you to put in extra links people may find useful while looking at the ad.
  • Callouts that work as a consumer confidence builder. Include guarantees like free returns and other promotional statements.
  • Structured snippets let you include extra information about features that are already in the ad. 

Tip #3 – Try Different Ad Text Variations

to Increase Clicks on Your Google Ads

Copywriting is a hard skill to master. If you feel like your ad texts are not good enough, no matter how hard you try, there is always an option to hire a freelancer

There are copywriters who specifically write texts for Google ads. Look at the most popular freelancer websites or social media platforms like LinkedIn. You are bound to find someone who can help you out. 


Tip #4 – Remove Underperforming Keywords

Even if you believe that a keyword is good, there is no need to have it around if it fails to perform. Do not fret about it and remove it from the campaign. Look for a replacement. Keeping keywords that are only holding the campaign back is pointless. 

Tip #5 – Schedule the Ads

Increase Clicks on Your Google Ad

It is possible that your ads are not receiving enough clicks due to the time frame they are shown. Of course, you can run ads 24/7, but those who are looking to save the budget cannot afford that.

It is important to ensure that the ads are shown at the most optimal time. If you have not had a chance to consider when your targeted audience is likely to browse the internet, do so. And have the ads run when the number of potential customers is the highest.

Tip #6 – Create a Relevant Landing Page

Despite various penalties and an increase in bounce rate, some brands still continue to create ads that are obviously clickbait. When people click on it and get redirected to an irrelevant page, nobody wins.

Do not be one of those entrepreneurs who is still using clickbait titles to attract more people to their website. The average person on the internet is becoming smarter. And he or she will not bother to click on an ad that looks fishy and is likely there to trick them. 

Tip #7 – Develop a Retargeting Campaign

A retargeting campaign is useful if you receive a lot of traffic that does not convert. You can look to create ads that will appear for individuals who have visited your website before. And given that something has caught their interest before, returning for the second or even the third time may increase the odds of them finally spending the money.

Tip #8 – Research the Competition

Small businesses learn from brands that are already established. There is no shame in looking at how your competition is doing, taking some of their ideas, and implementing them in your own campaign.

A similar brand can become a source of inspiration, especially when you are struggling. Try to distance yourself from the business and get in the shoes of an average person surfing the net.

Look at the ads from other businesses and think about what makes them good or bad. Consider which ads you would click on and which you would not bother with, in the first place.

Tip #9 – Keep Track of Data and Test

Increase Clicks on Your Googles Ads

The success of your campaign can be measured in numbers. Thus, it is important to keep track of as much data as you can. Otherwise, you will not be able to make adjustments when necessary.

Also, remember that PPC marketing is about testing as you can make adjustments in real-time whenever you want. So continue to try new things until you find a formula that works for your brand. 

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