Tips To help you Save Money When Planning Your Wedding Celebration

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Wedding planning can be a rewarding albeit challenging experience. The good news is that you do not have to spend a fortune to cater for the expenses of your special day. Careful planning will enable you to have the wedding of your dreams without the risk of beginning your married life in deep debt.


An important towards planning a cost-effective wedding is to determine the amount that you will be able to spend. Sources of the money may include savings that you and your fianc have set aside. Calculate your savings and the amount that you will use for the wedding. Depleting your entire savings is not recommended since you may need to cover emergency expenses.

Financial Assistance and Contributions

  • If you are expecting parents or relatives to help you with some of the wedding costs, it is crucial to seek clarification regarding their contributions. Avoid committing to contracts or making purchases if you are not sure about your sources of funding.
  • Create a list of contributions in your budget and adding them will enable you to determine your total budget. While you do not have to spend all the money you have, you should make an effort to avoid exceeding your budget.
  • If savings and financial assistance are limited, resist the temptation to use credit cards for your expenses. Unless you can pay off what you borrow within a few months, being burdened by debt for years to come is not an appealing prospect.

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Set Priorities

After deciding how much you will spend on the wedding, figure out how and where to spend the money. Consider your priorities and forgo some of the items that are less important. For example, excellent food would probably be more important than an elaborate and expensive flower arrangement. Priorities vary among couples and you and your fianc are at liberty to decide is what is most important according to your needs.

Stick to the Budget

Use your wedding budget to create a list of spending categories. The expenses should not be more than the funding available. Carry your budget with you while you shop to prevent spending more than you planned to. Avoid paying attention to things that are not within your budget.

Adhere to your spending limits and do not waste precious time trying on or looking at things that cost more than you can afford. If some estimates on your shopping list are not realistic and you are compelled to spend more, identify ways to reduce the cost of other items.

Negotiate with Vendors

When you hire vendors for various services, ensure the transactions are smooth and affordable by shopping around for different service providers. This will enable you to find out who offers what you need along with the best prices.

Interview different vendors like caterers, florists and photographers for an opportunity to discuss their experience and your requirements. Collect estimates from the vendors after the initial consultations and negotiate for lower prices.

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