Tips for Designing Custom Winter Sports Hoodies for Your Team

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Winter Sports Hoodies for Your Team

Winter is just around the corner, which means your sports team will need something extra to wear on the trip, before the big game. While getting t-shirts designed for your team is quite easy because it only requires the player’s name and the logo of the team, as well as the sponsor’s, designing a hoodie for off-field wear is a different ballgame altogether!

Today, there are various affordable and easy-to-use services available online such as that offers you the benefit of not just placing an order but also making custom designs on your behalf so you can make a stunning fashion statement. If you are looking to create a custom designed hoodie for your team to your specifications and tastes, then there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

Following are some tips that will help you design a custom winter sports hoodies for your team:

Winter Sports Hoodies for Your Team

1. Colour – Something that Shouts Team Spirit

The key component for designing any custom clothing is colour. At first look, certain team members might accept the colour, while others won’t. A great way to tackle this problem is to go with a colour that reflects the team spirit.

Remember, since you are designing a hoodie for winters, it will be full sleeved and a little bulky. While using black will certainly do the trick and keep the hoodie and the wearer warm, try to play with other colours too that complement each other.

2. Design – Take Your Time

Put together all your designs, even the ones you don’t like and then go over them carefully. Final three designs and then work on them together. Find the bad and the good points in each design and then discard two that don’t go with your theme. Comparing all the designs helps you define that one design you like the most and then you can work on refining it.

3. Creativity – Find Inspiration from Other Designers

We are not saying that you copy the designs of other professionals but by looking at their work, you might get an idea on what pattern would look good on a hoodie, the logo’s size and its placement, etc. Browse online portfolios and catalogues and save the pictures. This will help you explain to the contractor the end result you are looking for.

4. Keep It Simple

One of the biggest mistakes that most designers make is stuffing all their ideas into one design. While complex designs do look stunning, a sports hoodie should be simple and must have that fresh look with minimal design. Moreover, you might not have the skills to design something big and complex, which will result in a design that looks good on screen but out of proportions when printed on the hoodie.

These four tips will help you keep in mind the motive of your design and by using the right elements such as colours and patterns; you will be able to create a design that makes your team stand out in a crowd. Remember: keep it simple yet interesting and unique, so not only your team loves the hoodies but the crowd too.

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