Tips for Buying a Lifting Chain Block

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Lifting chain blocks are crucial for any project that involves the lifting of heavy objects. But to pick the right one for your needs, there are a number of variables that you must keep in mind. Before we discuss the different attributes, we’ll start by explaining how exactly a lifting chain block works. The device is basically made up of a combination of pulley and levers designed to lift items off the ground.

Because of its efficiency, a lifting chain block will make your work much easier and quicker. And a block and tackle system is in one of the most popular types used. And now for the tips.

Lifting chain blocks Type

You’ll need to make a decision regarding the type of chain block or hoist you want depending on the intended purpose. You can pick between either of the two:

  • Electric Chain Block: This type is powered by an electric motor.
  • Manual Chain Block: The manual chain block is operated manually and has a wire rope which is raised by a gear-like wheel.

Consider the Carrying Capacity

After you’ve decided on a type, you must consider the weight of the object you want to lift. These chain lifting blocks have different carrying capacities which include; 125kg, 250kg,500kg,1000kg and 2000kg.

Make sure you pick a lift chain block that matches the capacity of the object in question. When working with heavy objects, remember that your safety comes first. And as such, we strongly advise that you opt for a lifting chain block that can handle twice the size of the object you want to lift. This won’t only allow for optimum efficiency, but will also ensure your safety as it won’t break.

” Buying tips Lifting chain blocks 125kg, 250kg,500kg,1000kg and 2000kg “

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The next aspect you must look out for is the lifting speed. The speed of the lifting chain block is important because it determines the productivity of any operation. So if you’re working on a deadline, then you need a chain block with a high lifting speed.

But if you’re simply looking to shift items from one place to another, and aren’t working on a deadline, then you don’t need a high speed unit. A lifting chain block that functions at a moderate speed will suffice.

What you must know is that the block speed is determined by a number of factors including:

  • The motor power
  • Gearbox ratio
  • Chain reeving

Height of Lift

What is the height of lift required by your lifting task? Answering this question will help you purchase the block with the correct lifting height. What’s important to note here isn’t really the height of your lifting chain block, but your building.

The height in lift of a particular chain may not necessarily reach the height of your building. To get the correct equipment in relation to the size of your building, it’s advisable to consult with a professional contractor. This way you’ll also avoid making a costly mistake.

Look at the Bigger Picture

When purchasing a lifting chain block, you must always consider your future needs. Will it still be of service in the long run? Sure it can lift some objects now but is it big enough to lift the type of objects you’ll handle in upcoming projects, when necessary? Are you looking to expand operations in the near future and will therefore require a bigger lifting chain block?

Lifting chain blocks aren’t the type of investment you want to repeat often as they can be pricey. A good idea is to purchase a device that can cater for your present and future needs.

Material to Be Lifted

Earlier on we mentioned the weight of the objects you intend on lifting. Now you have to consider what exactly you’ll be lifting. There are standard materials in the construction industry that a lifting chain block is designed to lift. But what happens if you’re lifting an unusual type of load with regards to shape and texture? Will the specifications of which lifting chain block you require, be affected?

It’s also important to consider the environment that you’ll be using the equipment in. Is it hazard free? All these details need to be discussed with the service provider so that he or she can help you pick the right equipment that can operate in your environment.

Duty Cycle

Another factor you need to consider before purchasing a lifting chain block is the duty cycle. Here we’re referring to how often you’ll be operating the block in a day. Not only the frequency, but also how long each cycle is likely to take.

The chain blocks are normally clearly marked with the duty cycles they can handle. Make sure you adhere to the recommended duty for your own safety. Apart from safety considerations, using a lifting chain block within the correct duty cycle will also enhance efficiency and productivity.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

While all the above mentioned factors are extremely important, you can’t overlook whether you can afford the device. In other words; is it in line with your budget? But what’s important to note here is that the cheapest option isn’t always the best option. Rather make sure it’s designed to meet your needs based on the factors mentioned above.


Finally, we strongly advise that you source this product only from reputable companies to avoid any disappointments. If you can find one that comes with a guarantee, that’ll definitely work in your favour. But above all; when using these blocks, remember to always put your safety first.

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