Tinder Users Will Have a New Transgender option

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Tinder Users

Tinder has been in the news for a long time for being one of the most used dating apps. In fact, since its appearance in the field of apps in 2012, its popularity has shot up exponentially. And with the latest expansion availing users more option while accessing the app, the buzz surrounding this already hit app has gone up to a different. The LGBT community seems to be the happiest with this new inclusion.

The most recent update of the app has made available to the user an option of dating a person from the LGBT community as well. Previously it only used to be either ‘male’ or ‘female’. But with the new update, Tinder brings in an option for the users to fill the slot dedicated to defining the gender of the user. The users have the option of typing transgender when they select the ‘more’ option where they will be provided with a blank field to type transgender.


This move from the makers of the app Tinder is hailed as an extraordinary one by many, as talks of forming a more liberal society have gone viral. In fact, this will open a new canvas for the LGBT community who are often restricted from practising their legal rights. This will enable the transgender community to express them more freely. Also, good news is that Tinder will be more vigilant about the fact that there are possibilities of the transgender people getting harassed with this inclusion. And for that Tinder is reported to be developing a new protection protocol to prevent sort of such harassment.

Also, it is suspected that Tinder has incorporated this new option for some political reasons as well. With Donald Trump winning the presidential elections quite comfortably against Hilary Clinton, there are possibilities that the LGBT community, the transgender community, in particular, might give rise to new revolutions for their proper treatment. And it is suspected that Tinder, foreseeing the future, wants to play a safe game and doesn’t want the LGBT community to pit out any complaint against them.

However, whatever the reasons might be, it is a welcome move from the one of the popular dating app. Tinder is going to receive a lot of accolades for that as it is going to be one of the stepping stones in the path of forming a society where there is no differentiation.

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