Tinder swipes left on those lame tiger selfies

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Ok, seriously, it’s time to swipe left on big game in dating profile pics.

Posing with tigers and lions and other massive creatures has become a tired trope in the world of dating apps. While the practice haslong been controversial, Tinder has just taken the step of asking their users to stop posting pics of themselves tigers.

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This move comes in response toa letter to Tinderfrom PETA in which they explain that the large animals in these pictures are often abused or sedated. They suggested that the app ban them in honor of International Tiger Day on July 29.

While the company has not straight up banned them, theyhave asked usersto take down their tiger photos. They’ve also pledged to donate $10,000 to Project Cat.

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In addition to being terrible for the tigers, there not great for the people in them either. Thereisalways a chance the tiger could swipe your face right off. But there’s also another huge drawback to these big cat profile pics:they don’t work.

At this point, they read as cliche, and data suggests they don’t make you look more attractive to potential matches. So, better to opt forsomething more successful, like you engaging in some kind of sport. If you simply must include a furry friend, make it a dog or cat who’s a willing participant in the cuddle.

That way none of the planet’s most majestic creatures will be harmed in the making of your profile pic, you won’t get mauled by a massive beast,andyou’ll be more likely to get a date — it’s a classic win-win.


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