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Tijuana Flats is a private American cuisine serves as Tex Mex Restaurant. Modeled by Burrito brothers, Tijuana Flats started in Winter Park where they built the training center for managers of the restaurant. Tijuana Flats Location has six different places by 2001 and then grew to another 18 in 2004 and by 2009, it will have 65 locations across Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Indiana, and North Carolina. To open a franchise of Tijuana Flats there is some investment around $150,000-$300,100 required. To run a business under the name of you need to get a license which costs a small amount of franchise fee of $25,000.

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Tijuana Flats Tex Mex Restaurant

Tijuana Flats Menu contains Flautas

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Tijuana Flats Menu contains Flautas, Burritos, Bowls, Nachos, Quesadillas, Tostadas, Dos Tacos, Chimichangas, enchiladas, Bangin Chicken, Fresh Salads, etc. All items come with the different toppings choice of onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, sour cream, and lettuce as well as including fillings of blackened chicken, chipotle, steak, beef, black, and refried beans. It will also have sour cream and low-fat cheese to make the Powerlite entrees; megajuana with cheese and double meat; and a meal of beans with rice, and drink. Also, there is a different menu item like double stack Tacos, Atom Bombs, and Mexican Pizza available. There are some Starters like guacamole, queso, salsa, or a mixture of all these three; a side of quac, pineapple salsa, rice, queso, and a dessert of cookie dough flautas or churros which a guest can love it.

Tijuana Flats Tex Mex Restaurant

Tijuana Flats Menu for Kids

The meal is MADE TO ORDER with the super fresh additives. We have a special menu for kids under 12 which come up with fresh salads, nachos, cheese and unsweetened apple sauce, lettuce along with tomatoes, soft drink or apple juice especially keeping children in mind. We have tex mex calorie and nutrition counter also so that the food is meant to exactly how you want it. The T Flats are keeping it’s food fresh with the superb Tex-Mex always.

Tijuana Flats Location

You can always find the restaurant by searching on the internet as nearby me and should try the Weekly offers avail by them. It has a special deal on Tuesday and Thursday on tacos, burrito, chips and also on a drink. Go get that if you are a dedicated Flathead and knows more about it than we know about ourselves. However, if you are a new one to it then you have come to the proper place to know the flats facts. You can also submit a Catering request by ordering online through the website. Pick from Flats menu which has many hot affairs to build exact liking of your event guests that comes with your filling choice, toppings, refried beans, rice complete with chafing dishes. We are always available for service, pick up, drop and set up.

Tijuana Flats Gainesville

It is one of the favorite quick take outs in the town with chips in particularly the best than any other cuisine or restaurant. We have various salsa kept on the large sauce wall and having a faster process for quick tex mex. View our Menu and avail Tijuana Flats Weekly offer by ordering. You can search over the internet by just typing Tijuana Flats nearby me and you will get that straightway near your location. Learn about creative specials, exclusive events, and also the seasonal offerings by just signing up. Provide your birthday date because we are also sending birthday wishes with a small gift to the special one on a special day.

Tijuana Flats Gainesville

Inside Environment of T Flats

We have a friendly service with a beautiful environment inside the T Flats and also having outdoor seating if the weather suits it. We are providing good food at the cheapest price. So get in once in any of the Tijuana Location whichever nearest to you and have some quick to eat from a variety of the Menu. Give it a try and you will be craving for the hot sauce bar!

For quick delivery in Tijuana Flats Gainesville, order online. Also, avail our various restaurant coupons by dine-in or takeout and save your money.

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