Three things you must never miss on the days leading up to your pop-up marketing event

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marketing event

The charm of a pop-up is once again becoming evident in the realms of marketing and advertisement. It provides a robust platform to bridge the gap between land-based companies and online stores. These mobile stores ensure that brands without a brick-and-mortar structure can also drive awareness and increase sales.

Several companies have used pop-up shops earlier as well, but the portmanteau of marketing, experience and new-age technology has made the new era of pop-up shops more efficient in enhancing market reach.

One of the defining features of a pop-up shop is its location. It should be in an area with considerably high footfall. Vicinity of subway entrances, foyers of malls, lounge of corporate buildings, a busy intersection or even the sidewalk of an office area are great choices, depending on the nature of your brand and the products you are selling.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen small and large businesses rock their experiential marketing campaigns equally well. You can turn your pop-up strategy into a powerful tool for marketing as well, with a little planning, pre-shop marketing, marketing integration and state-of-the-art equipment.

Check out your influencers

You can find influencers everywhere. From social media to real life, you need to look at the right places. It can be as simple as bringing the star of your brand to the forefront as Godiva Chocolatier did during their Valentine’s Day promotions.

Check out their exciting glass truck tour right here at In case that is not a possibility, start by making a list of the influencers you can get on board during the launch. Getting a celebrity to make a two-second cameo at the location can seal the deal.

marketing event

Live streaming options

People love nothing more than live streaming. Live streaming an event is one of the best ways to attract a bigger and a more enthusiastic crowd. Indulge a bit in behind the screen footages during the live-stream and do not forget to engage with your potential customers in real conversations. Whether you choose Facebook or YouTube, you must ensure that people are already aware of your brand presence on the medium to find enough views.

That is one of the leading reasons we recommend pre-event marketing on social media.

Host contests, collect data

While live streaming, don’t forget to engage your customers in real life as well. The only way you can get unbiased and real feedback about your brand and products is by offering them free samples or new products at lucrative prices. Turn data collection into a fun contest, where applicants can fill out the details along with the answers to the questions. Give out free dinner, prizes, and coupons. Potential customers always return the favor by offering genuine testimonials, reviews, and actionable customer information on-spot.

E-commerce companies especially benefit from the use of pop-up marketing strategies. These brands get to interact with the customers face-to-face and attract more attention. However, you must remember that a mobile experiential marketing strategy has to be perfect in more ways than one to end up successful. Nothingcan replace proper marketing techniques. Planning and execution require keen marketing insight for success.

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