Three Stylish Rug Trends for Holiday Season 2017

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Handmade rug and carpet are the first accents when we want to change the entire look and revamp the entire space. A handmade carpet is only an accessory which you can use and personalize your home. There is no end of designs and sizes of carpets in a market. If you want to buy a machine made carpet then you can find it anywhere but according to my opinion, your room will look better without using machine-made carpet because a machine made carpet is available at a very cheaper range and used by maximum people. There is nothing which can attract people attention. This is woven by machine and for dying process; weavers used a chemical dye which is harmful to you and to your family. Baby has used a carpet as a playground but sometimes due to chemical dye, it may harmful to him/her. Handmade carpet has taken many months to weave a single carpet. This is woven on a handloom. People are using handmade carpet last many years but still, these are in latest trends. It gives a luxury look to a simple place when it will be placed once. Here, I am going to tell you about 3 stylish rug trends for this holiday. Please find below-

Patch Work: – Patchwork handmade carpets are in latest trends. These carpets are made by adding small patches of handmade carpets. These patches may be of the same material and same design or maybe in a different material with a different design. It gives outstanding look for any home interiors. This is made of wool, silk, cotton, and jute material. First, weavers weave small pieces on handloom approx. 2’ x 2’ ft size and after that add these pieces together using needle and yarn.

Silk Area Rug: The king of handmade area rugs. Handmade silk carpets are woven in a traditional design pattern. It contains many design pattern like Kashan, Hamadan, a tree of life, Ardabil, medallion, gum etc. A handknotted silk carpet is the finest quality carpet. These are woven in pure silk which is exported by China. These silks are produced by cocoon. It has very smooth and soft touch. A pure silk carpet contains 500 knots per square inch to 1000 knots per square inch. It contains approx. 15-35 colors in a single carpet. So if you want to bring vibrant beautiful colours and which is well suited with any furniture then you can pick from traditional silk carpet. Due to the pure material, this carpet is highly durable. Handmade silk carpet is very exclusive and also an expensive item that’s why this is suitable for the less traffic area. You can use it as a living room, bedroom. Never use this in a hallway or in a family room.

Handmade Dhurries: If you want to decorate your home but do not have enough money to buy handmade carpet then this is the best way to decorate your floor at the inexpensive price range. Handmade dhurries or make your own DIY rug pattern are the best substitute for handmade carpets. This is woven on a handloom with the finest quality of cotton, wool and jute material. Due to hand-woven, this is highly durable. Flat-woven durries are thin so you can place it close to your door and can open your door without folding it. Handmade durries are reversible and hand washable. So you can wash it at your home.

These above are the latest trends which you can use for decorating your home this holiday season.

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