Three important interior designing elements that top interior designers consider important

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interior designing

“Home is where the heart is,” is a famous saying! And it’s true. Our homes genuinely reflect what we are at heart. After all, it’s a place where you return after a day’s work. Keeping it merely clean isn’t enough. You have to design it well. And this is where the concept of interior comes into play. Most people confuse interior design with interior decoration.

Understanding interior designing

Interior Design is a science that is concerned with designing the overall living space in your house. It is done right from scratch. Interior designing also has certain principles and elements that you should consider. The art of interior designing is not as easy as it might seem to be.

Three elements of interior designing

There are several principles and aspects of interior designing. However, according to the top interior designers, these three elements are crucial.

1. The element of space

Space is a crucial aspect of interior designing. It is the base on which the whole framework gets established. It is essential that the ace designers today know how to study and manage space. Generally, interior space has two categories:

  • Dimensional space that governs the floor including its width and length
  • Three-dimensional space that comprises of the living space, which includes the length, height, and width

There’s more you can explore here. Your interior space filled with furniture and other decor items is known as positive space. And negative space would indicate just empty or free space. Designers need to maintain a balance between the positive and negative space. And both skimping and overcrowding will impact the balance. If you are reaching out to an interior designer company Singapore has, make sure the company understands this aspect thoroughly.

2. The form factor

Usually, form means shapes. It also means an outline or a three-dimensional object in space. Forms are the result of blending two or more shapes. It gets further pronounced with the help of other aspects like colours, patterns, and texture. A refined outlined form creates harmony and adds stability to your interior space around. There are two kinds of forms:

  • Natural, that is organic
  • Geometric, that is human-made

Furthermore, forms are also identified ad closed and open. The open forms are the that you can look into. And the closed forms are the ones that remain closed by a surface.

interior designing

3. The element of light

Light is one of the crucial aspects of interior design. Artificial or natural, it is essential. As without light other factors such as texture, pattern and color will not have any significance at all. Light creates the ambiance and mood of your living space. When it comes to artificial lighting, it gets divided into the following types, such as:

  • Mood lighting, which refers to ambiance lighting that illuminates the entire space.
  • Accent lighting is all about the light that is meant to highlight a particular piece, structure or artwork.
  • Task lighting comprises of light sources such as bed lamps and table that come with a set purpose.

There’s in-depth study that goes into proper interior designing! Are you planning to design the interior space of your residence or apartment? If yes, you should reach out to an expert service provider who understands these aspects and executes the task professionally.

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