Three Glaring Mobile SEO Mistakes that Impact a Site’s Rankings

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Mobile is supposed to be the king in 2018. Since 2016 mobile has surpassed desktop as the most popular platform for accessing and browsing the Internet. Today, an increasing number of individuals are using mobile phones and tablets for browsing websites, for checking their emails, and even for updating their social media profiles. As they have realized that mobile traffic could make all the difference and help them get to the top of the SERPs, SEO UAE across the globe are constantly tweaking the fundamental optimization stratagem for accommodating mobile users.

Unfortunately, SEOs are still making some grave mistakes that would ultimately cost them a significant amount of traffic and take a toll on the rankings of the site. The best way of keeping all your mobile visitors contented and happy is to avoid the mistakes discussed below.

Slow Site Speed

Remember that page load speed has always been a crucial Google ranking factor. Moreover, it is of great importance to the people visiting your site. As per Google research findings, about 53% of visitors would be abandoning your page if it takes over 3 sec to load. Your objective would be to make sure that all your pages load in less than three seconds. Here are some effective tips for speeding up your mobile site.

  • Minimize Redirects & Requests: Keep your pages simple and clean. Keep eliminating 301 redirects, get rid of unnecessary things from your page, minimize all those things that would be adversely impacting the site speed, and optimize your precise HTML code.
  • Examine Your Hosting Solution: Remember you would not be able to achieve your aspired site speed if you use third-party, cheap hosting solutions.
  • Compress & Resize Images: you could be using built-in tools in WordPress for automatically resizing images for you. Use tools such as for compressing your file size.
  • Keep Track of Your Progress: You could consider using PageSpeed Insights from Google for quickly and conveniently examining your website’s performance.

You may also think of coming up with AMP optimized pages. These pages are known to load at least, 4xfaster as compared to the usual mobile pages because of simple HTML coding. Moreover, you could adapt all your existing content easily into AMP content. Visit reputed sites such as for perfect SEO solutions.

Unplayable Content

It is essential for you to think before including multimedia or video on your page. You must understand the repercussions or the way it would be impacting your site speed. Moreover, you must be concerned about whether your video-embedding would be effective and playable on all types of devices. Remember to include a transcript as and when possible. This would be helping both Google for the purpose of indexing and even the users who require closed captioning. If you want to incorporate animated content, you may use HTML5. These animations could be easily created with the help of Google Web Designer, and these animations must be supported universally across all existing web browsers.

Blocked Files

If you restrict access to JavaScript, images, and CSS on your website, you might be harming your rankings because it hinders Googlebot’s ability to crawl through the site like a normal user. Examine the website’s robots.txt file thoroughly to make sure that no essential element is disallowed. You must use Google Search Console for effectively testing the robots.txt file. Moreover, you must consider using Fetch by Google for making sure that there are no further indexing glitches. SEO Expert Chennai offering a cost-effective solution for small, medium and large-Scale businesses for the last 7+ years to improve their website search rankings.


We must realize that mobile Internet use is certainly here to stay. An increasing number of users would be a reality for many years to come. You would be lagging behind if you keep making the mobile SEO mistakes discussed above. So steer clear of them.

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