Three Fun New Sports To Try This Spring

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Three Fun New Sports To Try This Spring If You Want To Improve Your Fitness For Summer 2018!

Spring is just about here, and for a lot of people, the brighter, longer days are just what it takes to inspire them to get active. If you feel like you have been hibernating over the winter when it comes to your fitness.

Now is a great time to make the most of that early spring mood boost and start something new – which will pay dividends by the time bikini season comes around!

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If you are looking for something that is also new to you, fun, and can even help you meet some new friends, here are some cool ideas for sports you could try:

Roller Skating

Roller derby is making a big comeback, and skating is something you can have a lot of fun with, as well as getting a good cardio workout, improving your balance and agility, and boosting core strength.

You can find a local skating rink where you can meet some other skaters or even take lessons, or you can try skating outdoors if you have an appropriate place nearby.

Roller skating can be fairly safe if you have an average or better level of strength and fitness, but you do need to make sure you use the right gear, including things like knee pads.

You can rent skates at a lot of rinks, but if you are interested in this as your new hobby, you may prefer to invest in your own pair of Riedell roller derby skates.

Thai Boxing

Thai boxing, or Muay Thai as it is also known, is a fantastic sport to boost your fitness fast, and will also teach you some great fighting skills while you are getting an intense cardio workout.

Unlike other martial arts, you can learn the basics very quickly and be able to take part in the highest intensity types of training like sparring after only a couple of months of learning drills and techniques, so while there is a lot to learn and improve on, you can feel like you can do something useful from very early in the training.

Most Thai boxing lessons will also include strength and core training, so it is a complete workout.


If you like the idea of dancing but don’t really want to have to learn complicated choreography before you can get a proper workout, then Zumba can be a great choice.

You basically just follow the instructor and workout at a decent intensity level right from the first class, although you probably won’t feel like you look like you know what you are doing for a few classes! The music is Latin-inspired and designed to put you in a motivated, party mood, and a good Zumba class can feel like a night out if you do it with friends!

These are just three of the things you could be training in this spring ready to enjoy summer 2018 with your best fitness yet!

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