‘Thor 3 Ragnarok’: Possible Hulk and Surtur Face-Off Hinted at Comic Con

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Thor 3 Ragnarok

At Comic Con, Natalie Portman revealed she was not going to a part of the upcoming Thor movies. Despite the glum news, fans were excited to know there’s a lot to look forward to in the upcoming movie, including a Hulk and Surtur face-off. Watch ‘Thor 3 Ragnarok‘ footage here.

It was previously confirmed that Hulk would feature as a crucial character in the upcoming film, Thor 3 Ragnarok. The trailer shown to San Diego Comic-Con audiences, reveals a bit of storyline where Hulk will not only help Thor amid the Ragnarok, it will also provide some few good laughs.

Directed by Taika Waititi, the scenes seems to be treated like a documentary that follows Thor and Hulk during the events of Captain America: Civil War. Fans also got to witness, the first glimpse at behind-the-scenes footages and concept art.

One of the highlights of the footage was the scene that features Thor and Hulk in full armour and when Hulk is seen jumping at a giant beast, which is likely the rumoured and much-awaited antagonist, fire giant, Surtur. Earlier, Marvel described Thor 3 Ragnarok’s villain as “an enormous fiery demon native to the dimension of Asgard. Possessed of evil intelligence and vast power, Surtur was one of the major elemental forces of evil that the Asgardians feared. He was a mystical being whose existence predated that of Odin himself. Over 1,000 feet tall and wielding a huge fiery sword, he was once imprisoned by Odin at the Earth’s core. Along with Ymir the Frost Giant and the Midgard Serpent, Surtur was the most powerful of Asgard’s native enemies.”

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Speaking of Surtur, the antagonist has been freed from imprisonment a few times over the years. The first time the Asgardian god of mischief Loki has set Surtur free to wreak havoc on earth. Thor 3 Ragnarok is slated to release on November 3, 2017. Stay tuned for more updates on the film.

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