This Pilot Proposed To Air Hostess On Flight & It Is Indeed The Most Romantic Proposal Ever!

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Till date, we have seen many cute, funny and romantic proposals on the internet. Guys try their best to woo their GF and get a “Yes” from her. For this, they keep trying various innovative ways.

A video has gone viral on the internet and after watching it, you’ll surely say that it’s the “Cutest proposal ever”. Well, the pilot proposed to an air-hostess on the flight, thereby giving her that “Special wali” feeling.

In this video, you can see how he proposes her with a ring and promises to be with her always; the air hostess’ reaction is worth watching. Initially she is too embarrassed to say anything but finally, she accepts his proposal and kisses him.

Meanwhile, a passenger on the flight recorded this million dollar moment and uploaded on social media platforms; people are loving the way this pilot popped the question to his GF and stunned her.

Enjoy this video right away!

Passengers were busy giving best wishes to the couple; they thoroughly enjoyed this romantic act. Did you like? Share your views in our comments section below.

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