This is Us Episode 5 Will Destroy People, Says Mandy Moore

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This is Us Episode 5

While This Is Us Season 1 Episode 4 has left us feeling intensely engaged in the lives of the Pearson family members, Mandy Moore who playsRebecca Pearson, inNBC’s dramedy series has warned fans that they should sit with tissues in hand for This is Us episode 5.“I feel like the fifth episode is going to destroy people,” Mandy told E! Online. Over the course of a few interviews,Moore has revealed her expectations and what the future holds for her character.

Mandy Moore who plays Rebecca Pearson warned fans saying This is Us episode 5 will “destroy people”

Moore teased that in episode 5, something happens between her character and her husband,played by Milo Ventimiglia that left her brawling at the end.“The next episode is at a pool. Milo [Ventimiglia] and I got to shoot at a pool with our eight-year-old children. But the fifth episode, I get to sing in,” Moore said. “So I’m excited about that. And it sort of reveals that my backstory, I was in a bar band. So there will be the music connection moving forward.”

Previously in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Moore had revealed that the episode would shed light as to where thePearsons’ marriage is headed.“You’ll find out more as to what happens to Jack and Rebecca and why in 2016 they’re no longer together. What happens to them, what breaks them apart… it’s pretty heartbreaking… I was pretty devastated to see they don’t end up together.”This points at a flashback that’ll shed some light on the heartbreaking reason for the end of their relationship.

In the flashback of This is Us Episode 5,Mandy Moore’sRebecca will go back in time in the 1970s, around the time she gave birth to her triplets. She didn’t want to become a mother back then, the hards times Rebecca went through will play into the storyline.

This is Us has got fans hooked in just the first four episodes that have been something of a rollercoasterride from the very beginning.“I’m rooting for Jack and Rebecca. I want to know their story, I want to know where that disconnect is, because I just love them so much from the first episode. I’m anxious to see where they go, what this journey is… And I’m excited, too, that we’re not married to having that storyline in any sort of real time, because we’re jumping around,” Moore told Entertainment Weekly.

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