This Bride Ditched Her Lehenga And Wore A Short Instead, Here Is What Twitter Rewarded Her With

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Marriage, just the mention of the word set us dreaming a lot. It is a day that every girl awaits in her life. The fairy tale wedding with her Mr. Right, who is there to take her away from the rest of the world seems so romantic to every girl out there. What’s more, it is the endless shopping saga & choice of getting the best that attracts the brides more.

From wedding attire to the best makeup to a classy hairdo and much more, the bride is blessed with every best thing in the world to make her day the best. And out of all, the wedding lehenga is the most important asset and every bride gives her best efforts to find the perfect ensemble.

A photograph of the bride wearing her precious lehenga and flaunting her beauty secures the best place in every wedding album.

But what when the bride has other plans for the day? Yes, it seems that this bride doesn’t want to let be the same. Atkeast this is what we think after seeing the unique selection that the bride made to wear on her wedding. Yes, the bride did not wear the complete outfit.

If you didn’t get where this is going, let us put it in clear words. A bride made all go mad with her wedding pictures in which she appears in a full bridal makeup, a heavy choli and embroidered dupatta and flashing gold jewelry but no Lehenga. Yes, you read that right, this random bride ditched the lehenga and wore a Nike shorts paired with a choli & dupatta on her wedding day. Don’t believe us, here, we have the proof.

This was sure to make twitters mad as they saw this oh-so-modern bride who did not think a lehenga is an important part of her wedding look. Here are some screen shots:

Here, there is also a video of the same making rounds on the internet.

Whether you are amused, shocked, overwhelmed or upset, the bride really does not care. Does she?

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