This 3ft 4in Model Is Breaking All Stereotypes In The Fashion Industry

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Born with a form ofdwarfism, 21-year-old Dru Presta is all set to change the fashion industry. Dru’s 3 feet 4 inch (around 1 meter) height did not stop her from pursuing a career in the modelling industry.

Dru is suffering fromachondroplasia and from a very young age, she was bullied for her condition. Dru is the only person suffering from Dwarfism in the family but she is not the only one in the world who is the victim of this rare problem.

Dru said she was brutally trolled and shamed for her condition but it did not stop her from dreaming. Dru later moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in modeling. The girl is now breaking the stereotypes in the industry and is inspiring a thousand others who are suffering from the same problem.

Dru is inspiring others to dream and achieve the impossible. Dru is also helping other people who are suffering from the same problem. Dru said,

“I want everybody in the fashion world just to be accepted.I want anybody to be able to walk that runway just like anybody else – whether you see them rolling down the runway in your wheelchair or on crutches”

More power to Dru Presta!

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