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Stories can temporarily share photos, videos and information with followers. But what if you do not want a certain person to see your stories, but to block this person is over the top?

For such cases, Instagram provides one very useful feature. With it, you can hide stories from certain people. To do this, you need to go to your profile and click on the “Story Settings” section.

After that, a line will appear at the very top, allowing you to select the accounts from which you want to hide stories. Select the desired profiles and post anything you want – this person will not be able to see it. You can edit the list at any time and open access again to some people.

Instagram services

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Apk of instagram with new features


Many Instagram users post photos at least several times a week. Landscape lovers find it especially difficult because on a sunny or cloudy day, there is often a problem with the light in the photo. Sometimes it is too bright, and sometimes vice versa.

Besides, such pictures often look much more spectacular with contrast, but not everyone understands how to edit photos. And not everyone has the patience and imagination to manually deal with shadows, light, details, and contrast.

Then a very useful feature comes to the rescue – Lux. It was introduced back in 2012 and is still an assistant for Instagram lovers. Lux automatically brightens the photo and adds contrast. It is ideal for processing landscapes, insufficiently light photos and photos with an excess of shadows.

The user, moreover, can independently adjust the percentage of applying Lux to the photo. By default, it is 50, but you can add brightness as well as remove it by moving the slider to the right or left, respectively. You can activate the function by clicking on the icon in the form of the sun above the photo at the processing stage.

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Instagram life hacks

Post in Story

Not so long ago, a very interesting and very useful feature appeared on Instagram. Now each user can announce a new post right in the story. Yes, yes, that’s exactly what you thought. Everything is extremely simple.

Now, instead of clicking on the profile and then looking for a new post, followers can go right to the publication they want, because this function allows the account owner to place it as a sticker directly in the story, thus informing people about it. It will be enough for readers to click on the photo in your story, and they will be immediately sent to the publication.

To activate the function, you need to click on the icon in the form of a paper airplane, which is located directly under the publication. After that, click “Add publication to your story”, this will automatically attach the background to your photo in the story and allow you to choose the size of the sticker. This works even with other people’s publications.


To begin with, let’s figure out what it is and what it is useful for. Hashtags or tags are topics, words, or phrases that people write after the ” # ” sign. They can bring together different topics, people, and communities. By clicking on the hashtag, you can see publications on the same topic, marked with the same tags. They help bring any idea or topic to the trend. They are used in many browsers, social networks and on many sites.

So, hashtags can unite any topic that can interest you. For example, #horses or #pencildrawing. If you’re interested in an area, Instagram provides you with a unique opportunity to follow not only to people but also tags. By following the hashtag, you will see in your feed the best publications on your favorite topic.

And to do this is very simple. You need to click on the search icon at the bottom of the screen – after that, the recommended publications and the search bar will appear. If you click on the search bar, four options will appear – “best”, “people”, “tags” and “places”. Select the “tags” option and enter the hashtag that interests you. After that, go to it, click “Follow” and enjoy thematic publications.



Text in the story

Initially, stories were created for photos and videos. To tell about an interesting case or temporarily share a funny picture. Later, live broadcasts, zoom, filters and much more began to be added there. Now, if you want to explain something to followers, you do not have to upload your photos for this.

Now the text can be laid out in the stories, regardless of photo and video. To do this, you need to turn on the ribbon – the icon in the form of a house at the bottom of the screen, then click on the camera in the upper left corner and scroll the bottom line in the story to the left until you find the “Text” option.

By choosing it, you can share your thoughts on a beautiful bright background, while not adding your photos and videos to the story, if at the moment you do not see the need for it. This is a very useful feature that not many users take advantage of.

How AI Shapes Social Media

Using social networks

With a high probability, it can be argued that many of you have encountered such a problem – it is impossible to download a photo or video from Instagram. In this case, it would seem that users have one way – to take screenshots and crop. Frankly, it is not the most convenient. But we are in a hurry to please you.

There is not a well-known service that will help you download your favorite photos and videos directly to your phone without cutting anything. To use it, visit a site called insta-downloader.net. On it, you will immediately see an empty string. You must insert a link to the photo or video of interest to you.

After you have inserted the link in the line, click “Download photo”. When the download is complete, you can store and view videos and photos in your gallery outside the Instagram network. This method requires a little more time, but the image quality will be much better than the cropped screenshot.

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