Things Rummy Beginners Should Know About the Game

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India, more and more people wish to learn how to play this game. It is a very interesting game and the best part is that it is easy to learn. Unlike many card games that require you to have deep knowledge in probability, rummy is a simpler game. The rules do not require you to possess any special knowledge or skills. Here are some things that the beginners in a game of rummy must keep in mind:

Just Learning the Rules Isn’t Enough

The Indian rummy is not a very tough game to learn. The rules of the game are simple to grasp. But remember that learning the rules alone is not enough. It maybe easy to understand that you need to make melds and sequences. You can easily grasp how the sequences are made or how the melds are formed. This is just the first hurdle in learning the game. Don’t think you have finished learning the game simply by learning the rules.

Observation is the Key

A keen observer almost always plays rummy well. This is because keen observation is a sure key to winning classic rummy game. When you observe the cards the opponent disposes, it will help you understand what cards the opponent does not need. This will help you judge the converse. Assessing the cards, the opponent needs will help you plan your moves wisely.

Optimum Use of Joker Matters

We know already that joker is just like a bonus point. A good player knows this and so uses the joker intelligently. He does not allow the joker to remain trapped in a natural sequence. The first opportunity he gets, he will replace the joker in a natural sequence with some other card so that joker comes handy elsewhere. It is an important tactic in rummy game.


First Avoid Losing

It is good to be ambitious but it is more important to be practical. Similarly, it is a great thing to win but first you should focus on not losing the game. Try to work on the sequences first and then on the melds. One needs to remember that without the sequences, the melds are really of no use. Try to avoid a full hand first by making life. Once that is done, you may work on the remaining sets.

Never Let Others Guess

This is an important part of winning rummy. You should never let your opponent guess what cards you have. You can avoid this by controlling your facial reactions. You may also avoid picking up cards from the discarded pile till inevitable. You must remember that just as you observe your opponent’s move, he is observing your moves. Playing cautiously helps you win.

Practice in your Free Time

You can joining Khelplay Rummy to play rummy whenever you are free. Rummy game is a great diversion and stressbuster. Regular practice will help you understand the nuances of the game. Playing online helps you try the game with strangers giving you an opportunity to devise new strategies. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create your account!

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