The Winds of Winter Release Date,Book to release before Game of Thrones Season 7?

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Celebrity author George R.R. Martin‘s “The Winds of Winter” (the sixth instalment of “A Song of Ice and Fire” or ‘ASOIAF’ as it is better known) may be released before the “Game of Thrones” Season 7 airs in 2017. Nevertheless, despite not having a confirmed date yet, there have already been many spoilers about the upcoming adaptation of “The Winds of Winter“.

Coming Early 2017


First, we know that “Game of Thrones” Season 7 will premiere in the summer of 2017 and the “The Winds of Winter” instalment is expected to be released before that airs. HBO and Martin are rumoured to produce a prequel to “Game of Thrones” which might further delay “The Winds of Winter“. Some spoilers have naturally been circulating. One of the popular fan theories is that there will be lesser deaths in “The Winds of Winter,” and that the two warring families, the Starks and the Targaryens will unite.

There is  also the theory doing the rounds that the White Walkers are not really evil; that perception is the threat perceived by the people. The White Walkers were apparently created to prevent the joining of Ice (the Starks) and Fire (the Targaryens) for if and when the two bloodlines met, they would be too powerful to stand and hence the balance must be maintained. It has also been speculated that these two families had united long ago, almost conquering the world (had they not been stopped by the evil White Walkers). The two families will allegedly unite again in the “Winds of Winter” book and its subsequent adaptation. This will precipitate the Doom of Valyria.

The absence of the Night King in the sixth book of ASOIF has also been projected to occur. The Night King is the uncrowned ‘leader’ of the White Walkers and will bring down  death  and destruction to Westeros through its armies of Ice. The Wall may have been taken down and that gives the Night King the ultimate chance to destroy Westeros with his own might.

All this being said, we must advise you to take these leaks with a grain of salt, as they are rumours and will be proven right or wrong as and when the “Winds of Winter”releases. George Martin is not too fond of deadlines. Fans will have to wait for that. Stay tuned for more updates, right here.

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