The Winds of Winter Release Date, Martin’s Comic Con Appearance fuels Rumours

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The Winds of Winter

It has been five years since we have seen a new book emerge from George R. R. Martin in A Song of Ice and Fire series, leaving fans considerably forlorn. This has obviously given rise to hundreds of fan speculations and theories about when the new book, The Winds of Winter, might be released, and where the characters will find themselves in Martin’s upcoming books, for we all know that the show has started to take off in its own direction having surpassed Martin’s books.

Fans are looking desperately for any clues about the release of The Winds of Winter that may or may not exist. One recent example is that a few fans were certain that they had spotted Martin at the San Diego Comic Con 2016, fuelling hopes that there might be a significant announcement about The Winds of Winter by the end of the event. But Martin, who holds a reputation in shattering hopes in his books, did so in real life too, claiming that the man seen was not him at all but a cosplayer dressed up as him.

Indeed there have been no substantial updates about the long awaited book since January 2016, when Martin had announced that he intended to finish and release the book by spring, alongside the airing season 6 of Game Of Thrones. But we all know that has not happened. Fans speculate that Martin may be plagued by writer’s block, and Martin has confirmed that the pressure of finishing the book at his earliest has been taking a toll on him.

Other speculations include that the book will have major plot differences from the show, and Martin has been known to contemplate several such possibilities. Also doing the rounds is the rumour that Martin may actually be trying to release the seventh book in the series, A Dream of Spring, along with The Winds of Winter. If that is not the case, then the release of the sixth book is bound to be bittersweet for fans because of the imminence of another wait that could span half a decade But Martin himself has been tight-lipped about the current status of his writing.

However, he has confirmed that a lot has already been written, though there is still a long way to go. But several chapters carrying some major points of view have already surfaced. Martin himself has officially released the full text of seven chapters, while he has read out several others at conventions. Some of the released texts are those titled Theon, Mercy (Arya Stark), Alayne (Sansa Stark), Arianne 1 and 2. Rumours indicate that a new chapter from The Winds of Winter could be revealed at the Kansas Worldcon in August 2016. Martin has already confirmed his attendance at the upcoming event, further igniting speculations that he might be revealing more details about The Winds of Winter.

Let us hope that we may see the book soon.

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