The Walking Dead Fandom Mourns The Loss Of A Beloved Character

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Walking Dead

Spoilers Ahead for the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead.

With Episode 8, “How It’s Gotta Be”, AMC’s The Walking Dead delivered one of the biggest death in years and surprised its viewers by killing off a character among the main heroes, proving that no one is safe in the show. Much of the audience had come to accept the fact that the remaining original cast members may just be invincible, given that they had been on the verge of death numerous times but had managed to find a way to stay alive. Right before its ending, we had come to believe that random guy Neil would be the only casualty in the episode but then the episode revealed in its final moments that Carl had been bit by a walker on his torso.


Although Carl had faced death before, this time there seems no possible way out for him to cheat death, there’s no miracle cure, no way to cut off the limb before the virus spreads, no doctor waiting to help. The episode may not have shown Carl breathing his last breath as a living creature, but we have all come to accept the fact that Carl Grimes is now one of the Walking Dead. It was perhaps one of the most shocking twists of the series till now.


There was not anything interesting in the mid-season finale except the death of Carl. It was pretty much the usual frustrating episode, the Saviors seem to be winning the war perhaps just so as to portray the fact that the war is not going to be easy for Rick and his company to win. Even though after everything that Rick and his group went through in these eight episodes, our heroes are still homeless, the villain is still winning, Rick is still suffering, and now Carl is almost dead.

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