The Vampire Diaries Season 8 : New Trailer sets the stage for the finale; Spoilers and Speculations

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The Vampire Diaries Season 8

Waiting for the next season of The Vampire Diaries feels a little bittersweet for fans. There is a great deal of anticipation and speculation over what’s in store for the characters in Season 8, especially Bonnie now that she’s devoid of her magic, and where Damon and Enzo’s rampage will ultimately wind up. But that does not change the fact that the commencement of The Vampire Diaries, Season8 will mark “the beginning of the end” for the show. Nevertheless, October 21 is still more than a month away, giving fans enough time to think over what we may see unfolding in the final season of The Vampire Diaries.

The Vampire Diaries, Season 8

Yesterday, The CW Network revealed a new teaser trailer for Season 8. The trailer, all of 30 seconds in duration, begins with Stefan and Bonnie taking a walk in the woods which ultimately ends in the two agreeing upon something. But this brief prelude immediately leads to show uswhatever havocDamon and Enzo continue to wreak. We know that Season 8 will see the characters (and us, the viewers), come face to face with “Evil Herself,” and while that long, crooked finger from the final episode of Season 7 had us wondering what the events will lead up to, show creators have clued us in on what its nature might be like. According to Julie Plec, the show’s co-developer, this new Evil will be a new take on villains for the show. It will be rooted all the way back to the ancient past, and be the ultimate kind of evil to descend uponMystic Falls.

Returning to Bonnie’s predicament, the show’s creators have hinted that she will be at a complete loss when Season 8 begins, without any support from her friends or her magic. But her journey in the season finale will be a major point of focus. She may even be on the verge of giving up on getting her powers back.

Another bit of exciting information is that Nina Dobrev may be returning in Season 8 as Elena, which only appears as natural as she was the main protagonist of the show when it began until the focus shifted more on the Salvatore brothers. Speaking of Elena’s return,Mark Pedowitz of The CW Network said recently,“We’d love to have Nina back. She was great for The CW. She was integral for The Vampire Diaries.” It will be really interesting to see how Elena’s return on the show will be tied in with the rest of the events.

Coming to a more niche aspect of the show, “Klaroline” shippers hope that the new season will give a proper closure to Klaus and Caroline before the series comes to an end. After what we saw of their chemistry over the past seasons, Caroline may very well end up choosing Klaus over Stefan. While this certainly doesn’t count as news, speculation is rife that Caroline may also end up appearing on the popular TVD spin-off show, The Originalsafter she chooses to be with Klaus.

Catch The Vampire Diaries, Season 8 premiereon October 21, 2016.

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