The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Followers When Marketing Your Business on Instagram

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For powerful business marketing, you cannot avoid the requirement of having social media presence. The online world is a big platform these days. Business owners avail different online marketing tactics and strategies. Among various kinds of online marketing, social media marketing has been considered as the most effective these days. Forget about business marketing and let us concentrate on social media platforms first. The rising popularity of various social media websites is not unknown to us. We know that social media platforms have become quite popular among different people belonging to different age groups.

Introduction of social media platforms

As social media platforms have become famous, formal and casual communication between people has turned quite seamless. It gives the opportunity to the businesses to sell their products or services via effective marketing or promotion strategies. Today Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have a massive number of users. Billions of people across the world have their accounts with these three leading social media platforms. Some more social media platforms are also there, and they are lesser famous, but they are also gaining quite a popularity. At such scenario, not taking advantage of social media for business marketing is a strategic business mistake. It can potentially lead to different errors or problems.

Not using social media?

Not using social media is giving competitors a chance to surpass you. It is a waste of an opportunity to take your business on the global platform without making high investments. In the following section, we shall know more about social media platforms and business promotional strategies through social media.

Strategies for social media campaigning

When you are deciding strategies for social media campaigning, you need to know about a few things that you should not do. Here are those costly mistakes that you must avoid for social media marketing. Avoiding these mistakes will enhance the chance for your business to gain better recognition.


Different Profile Names for Facebook and Twitter

It is obvious to have more than one social media profiles, as various social media websites are there. People commonly have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn. Apart from these, some other social media platforms are also there, offering exquisite ranges of features or options. Now, when you have existence on different social media platforms, you need to use the same business name or profile name. Using different business names or profile names is unethical. That is also considered as a significant mistake in social media marketing. Make sure that the names for the profiles have been used uniformly.

Not Linking the Social Media Profiles

Though there are different social media platforms, you need to link your business with each social media platforms. Different profiles can be linked easily, and most of the social media platforms come with the option of linking different profiles. It will give more uniformity to your social media campaign. Moreover, followers on twitter will be able to get in touch with your business as followers for Instagram. It is found that many companies find good Facebook followers but poor followers on Twitter. You need to connect the social media platforms to earn more and more followers for your business.

Not Using Business Logo

When you have social media profiles, make use of your business logo. It is to be remembered that business logo is the symbol or identity of your business. It helps your business to gain unique identity or recognition among the targeted groups of customers as well as clients. So, not using the business logo for business promotion is a mistake and you should have a business logo on profile photo of your social media profiles.

Showing Activities

Having social media profile is not just enough, as a dead profile would not bring anything for you. Your business needs positive thrust, and for that, you need to show social media activities. Without showing social media activities, it will be difficult to gain proper social media exposure. So, you need to put contents on your social media handles. If you are using Facebook or Twitter, you can share text-based contents, along with videos, and photos. If you are using YouTube, you can opt for uploading videos. Make sure that contents are not copied, and they are interesting.

Not Using Hashtags for Trending

Not using the hashtags for trending the contents is a common mistake that many novice social media users commit. You need to use the hashtag to gain more and more positive business recognition. For better business marketing and effective social media marketing, use of hashtags is essential as well as critical. So, plan your social media campaigns carefully and make your social media marketing campaign more potent as well as attention-grabbing or unique.

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