The Top 3 Spots in Israel for Intrepid Travelers

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While Israel might be famous among religious travelers, what a lot of people miss out on is the fact that this middle-eastern country is also an awesome place for adventures, which is why Israel has become a new favorite destination for intrepid travelers. So, if you have been planning a trip to Israel, which places should be on top of your list for an adventurous experience? Well, that is precisely what we are going to discuss next.

The Judean Desert

The Judean Desert is in a great location because it lies in close proximity to two of the greatest attractions in all of Israel; Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. The desolate and harsh beauty of the desert is made even more interesting by the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, which has waterfalls and lush greenery that stand out in striking contrast to the dry sand dunes of the Judean Desert.

The Judean Desert

In addition to exploring the desert itself, Travelers can go on hikes in the nature reserve and trek to the top of the Masada plateau. Thousands of years ago in 37 BC, the plateau was actually the Masada fortress and while the fortress is now a relic, you can find out more about Masada, its history, symbolism, and various other bits of helpful information regarding this ancient wonder on As a matter of fact, the website has detailed information on every area around the Dead Sea that’s worth a visit, including, of course, the Dead Sea itself.

Upper Galilee

This is where the Israel National Trail starts and stretches out for a length of 1,609 kilometers along the coast of the Sea of Galilee. If you are looking for a long hiking adventure in Israel, it is impossible to beat the Israel National Trail, as it basically takes you across the entire landscape of Israel.

Hikers do have access to multiple kibbutzes throughout the trail to rest, eat, and relax at, but it still is no easy feat to complete hiking the entire 1,000-mile long trail! Some of the famous landmarks along the Israel National Trail include the Golan Heights and the Hula Valley, but rest assured that you will come across many, many more unknown archeological ruins and stunning natural vistas as well.

Negev Desert

Negev Desert

When you are traveling to the Middle-East in search of adventure, Deserts adventure are going to be one of the major attractions, of course, and the Negev desert is definitely one of Israel’s top spots for adventure lovers. The desert is a place for rock-climbing enthusiasts, mountain bikers, and hikers alike. Timna Park is a great location for mountain biking and hiking and the Ramon Crater is one of the most interesting locations in the area as it is home to over 40 unique species of animals exclusive to the faux crater. Jeep tours in the area are recommended and there are also sandboarding options here.

As a bonus destination for intrepid travelers, we would include the city of Haifa because it has some pretty amazing watersports options on the Mediterranean Sea for kitesurfers, windsurfers, and scuba divers. You will find many more adventures during your Travel to Israel for sure, but now you know where to start.

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