The Technology of the Mini: Now and the Future

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For 60 years and counting, the Mini has been and still is, a British institution. One of the county’s proudest exports and an icon of British design and engineering, it’s still very much going strong today.

Plenty has changed from the days of the Morris Mini Minor. Now, of course, the mini adopts all the Technology associated with a new vehicle in 2019. But what can you expect from today’s Mini, and what is to come further down the line?

The Current Package

The latest Mini is available in three-door hatch, five-door hatch, and convertible options, and boasts plenty of the latest tech designed to boost driver appeal.

At the forefront of its offering, the new mini offers a wide range of connectivity options. Connected services offer real-time traffic information (RTTI), online search, language understanding and concierge services.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy Apple CarPlay and wireless Smartphone charging, with USB and Bluetooth connectivity as standard. Display features on the new models include a 6.5 inch ‘infotainment’ screen with touchscreen navigation.

In a novel touch, ‘Mini Yours’ offers 3D custom printed parts offering unique individualization options, meaning you can emblazon your name or a specific design on the fascia of your new vehicle.

The New Technology of the Mini cooper

Mini Electric

On the not-too-distant horizon, Mini intends to release the Mini Electric; their first ever full electric model to go alongside the Countryman Plug-In Hybrid, which has been on the market since 2017.

A decade in the making, the electrification of the Mini brand represents the next stage of the company’s development in an environmentally conscious auto-market.

With a clean silver design with yellow trim, a hexagonal grille, and futuristic wheel design, the Electric concept is future-proofing the Mini brand for the foreseeable, and it could be with you as soon as this year.

The New Technology of the Mini cooper

Concept Dreams

Looking further into the future, the developers over at Mini are already envisioning what’s to come from the stalwart brand, and there’s plenty of weird and wonderful inspiration in their ‘Urban Go-Kart’ concept.

The concept features a transparent front-end which allows projections to be beamed in front of the car to provide a dynamic driving experience. Following on from the current ‘Mini Yours’ customization options, parts of the external surface with adapt to suit your personal preferences, beaming personalised messages.

Inside, ‘The Cooperiser’ is a proposed translucent centerpiece, offering changes to driver mood via dynamic colour changes, with a steering wheel and pedals that can be moved across the width of the car to suit driver positioning.

Most definitely a pipedream, but an interesting insight into the minds of one of the auto-industry’s leading brands.

With big changes afoot, it looks like the Mini is here to stay for a long time. And whilst you’re waiting for the Urban Go-Kart, you can find the latest range of MINIs over at Peter Vardy.

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