The Strain Season 4: Final Season to be More Intriguing?

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The Strain Season 4

The Strain Season 4: The third season of the horror drama tv series ended with a lot of unanswered questions and now the viewers are expecting to witness all of it in The Strain Season 4. Nevertheless, innumerable fans were left with a dispirited heart when FX announced the fourth installment of the series to be the final season. And now, Carlton Cuse take on The Strain Season 4 has already tickled the curiosity buds of the viewers.

In an exclusive interview with TVInsider Carlton revealed that Augustin Gus Elizalde will be finally witnessed in The Strain Season 4. He said that they didn’t have much shelf space to portray him in the finale season. Therefore, he will be appearing in the fourth installment of The Strain.

Nevertheless, Carlton didn’t disclose much about the fourth season of the horror drama tv series but indicated that the fans have a lot to look forward to the happenings of The Strain Season 4. Therefore, it can be expected that the fourth installment of The Strain is going to be more intriguing which will keep the fans hooked on to the plot line throughout.

Update: The recent speculations related to The Strain Season 4 has already started doing the rounds on the internet, and it states that the fans will once again once again get to see the explosion of atomic bomb. According to a recent report by University Herald,  the viewers will get to witness the effect of the atomic bomb which was set in the previous season in the upcoming installment of The Strain. However, the further report also states that Kelly might be killed by Ephraim in The Strain Season 4.

Nevertheless, another speculation which has been creating quite a lot of buzz is the fate of Zack getting disclosed in The Strain Season 4. As per a report by Movie News Guide, Kevin Durand has indicated that Zack can turn into a righteous person after portraying a negative character in the previous season. And he exploded the bomb due to the anger which resided within him as his father murdered his mom.

The last episode of The Strain Season 3 titled as “The Fall” ended with a lot of unanswered questions and now the fans are expected to witness all of it in The Strain Season 4. The Fall depicted how The Master finally opens up about himself and initiates the last phase of a battle.

Nevertheless, the potency level of The Strain Season 4 is anticipated to escalate from the very beginning and each and every character of the series is expected to bring out the exact requirement of the scenarios just like the previous seasons.

An official release date of The Strain Season 4 has not been declared yet but it will hit the television screens in 2017. So, let’s hold our patience until then.

UPDATE: The Strain Season 4 has been finalised for renewal which will hit the television screen by mid of June 2017. Though publically revealed that the fourth season would be the final one thus having a special grand finale as updated and confirmed by Producer Carlton Cuse. The vampires taking over the entire New York City and perhaps the whole world, heroes task would become much more difficult to stop them and save the globe. Kelly (Natalie Brown) gets killed by Ephraim still with minute chances of coming back in the series through flashbacks. Zach possibly might redeem in the upcoming season whereas Gus will definitely be around. Thus, with The Strain Season 4 coming back with its finale season it is definitely going to be grand.

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