‘The Sims 4 : City Life’ Expansion Pack: Features, Updates and Latest Features

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City Life

EA Sports have announced the latest expansion pack to the popular simulation gam The Sims 4 called “City Living” and EA has warned the players that they might experience some sort of culture shock. This friendly warning was released after “The Sims 4: City Living” expansion pack announced that the Sims on “City Living” will be living in apartments.

Since the inception of the first “Sims” game, players were used to a suburban environment with big backyards, gardens and swimming pools. With the “City Living” expansion pack, the Sims will shift from spacious houses in the suburbs to cramped apartments in the city. A few days after the announcement of “The Sims 4: City Living” expansion pack, EA released a short clipfor the viewers to get a glimpse of the newest expansion pack. From the beginning of the clip, the viewers can totally see the stark difference of the newest “The Sims 4” expansion pack.

The upcoming DLC will offer a brand new world named San Myshuno, a hilly coastal city with apartments. Imagine large penthouse apartments with grassy rooftops, red-brick townhomes with stoops, cockroaches, basketball and food stands. Some of these features you’ll remember from previous packs like Apartment Life and Late Night,while others are exclusively brand new.Also expect the rooms in the apartments to be cramped, especially for Sims who are living on a budget. The apartments with bigger room require a lot of money so the Sims might need to have a successful career first to afford it.

Here are some of the interesting features that have been spotted about the new “Sims 4” Expansions pack: “City Life”. The Sims community on Twitter have quite a few people posting on the new developmentsin the recently released expansion pack.

Apartment Build and Design

Players can decorate their own apartments according to their likingbut certain elements can’t be modified–such as electrical boxes and pipes. Interior walls can be modified and added, but exterior walls cannot be changed. Windows and the front door cannot be moved. Buildings have between 2-4 different available apartments. There’s “way more than 3 buildings” in San Myshuno, according to the producers.

Screen Loading

There will be a loading screen upon entering a neighbour’s apartment, but the knocking on door, hanging out in a common area, using the elevator and visiting festivals interactions will all operate spontaneously.


The new expansion pack which places the Sims into the city lets players choose their own neighbours in each building unit. Multiple families can live in one building. Interactions with the neighbors happen frequently–using the trash chute, stopping by, and complaining of loud noise.

“The Sims 4: City Living” expansion pack will be available in the market on Nov. 3.

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