The Simpsons’ latest Episode Uses Netflix’s Breakout Documentary Series “Making A Murderer”

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The Simpsons

The Simpsons: Now that the TV show has reached 600 episodes and has no intention of ending anytime soon, it is taking new leaps. The last episode of The Simpsons aimed at Netflix’s breakout documentary series, “Making A Murderer”.

The Simpsons Season 28, Episode 5, was titled “Trust but Clarify,” in which Itchy & Scratchy got a Making a Murderer makeover. The documentary television series premiered on Netflix on December 18, 2015 and went on to that went on to win Outstanding Achievement in Reality Programming, Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series, Outstanding Directing for Nonfiction Programming, Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming, Outstanding Picture Editing for Nonfiction Programming among other accolades. It was also nominated for Program of the Year. The documentary series was filmed over a period of  10-years that follows the life of Steven Avery, who spent nearly two decades in prison for a crime he did not commit. He filed suit against Manitowoc County, Wis., and several individuals involved with his arrest. Shortly after, he was arrested again, accused of the murder of 25-year-old photographer named Teresa Halbach.

Episode 5 took a dig at the media. Written by Harry Shearer and the official synopsis of the season runs as follows: Lisa and Bart investigate a new candy from Krusty; Homer asks for Marge’s help when he decides to ask for a promotion at the nuclear plant; news anchor Ken Brockman struggles with the changing media world.

This wasn’t the first time that The Simpson’s adapted and used “Making A Murderer” as a basis for their parody. In a previous mashup, we saw Homer standing in for the twice-incarcerated Steven Avery. The parody this time was much lighter than the previous one. And as expected the episode was entertaining.

Previously, we reported that producer David Silverman had confirmed that the animated comedy is not ending anytime soon. When asked about the future of the show and whether it was going to end, David Silverman laughed and added, “Never! We don’t want it to end.” “We say, ‘Keep it going!’ 600? I say: ‘1,000! Do I hear 2,000!’”

The Simpsons Season 28, Episode 6, titled ‘There Will Be Buds’ will premiere on November 6, 2016. It’s almost been two weeks when the above-mentioned episode got aired with lots of appreciation, as usual, and viewership for the animated series. It stood at near about 3.14 million whereas The Simpsons Season 28 7th episode stood at a viewership of 7.15 million. Titled as “Havan Wid weekend”, it garnered lots of cheers, applauses and acclamations for the following episode which got aired on November 13. Now with its upcoming episode 8 waiting to air on November 20, The Simpsons Season 28 latest episode is titled as “Dad Behaviour”, where Homer’s life will be better and easier after he starts using the app which outsources father-son bonding. Furthermore, Grampa is ready to discover of being a father again. So, let’s wait for few more days until we watch The Simpsons on FOX.

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