The Royals Season 4 will Bring Forth Some More Scandals in the Henstridge Family

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The Royals Season 4: E! renewed the scripted drama series The Royals for its fourth installment three days before the telecast of its Season 3 finale. The jaw-dropping episode left all the viewers astonished as it revealed some shocking facts. Some of the fans are still mulling over the thought that whether Robert actually deserves to hold the title of king or not. On the other hand, most of the viewers are still tryingto get over the fact that Robert was the only reason why Simon wanted to give up on the kingship. And now that The Royals Season 4 is already in the making, we can expect some more twists and turns taking place in the plot line.


The Royals Season 4 is going to introduce 10 brand new episodes which are surely going to be engrossing. The viewers got highly excited when The Hollywood Reporter pointed out thatsome new controversies regarding the Henstridge family may emerge in the new season as Adam Stotsky, the president of E! Entertainment and Esquire Network stated:“We are excited to see what new scandals await our royal family, and how their dynamic evolves in season four.”

Some people thought that Robert might be more responsible as a king than his siblings because of his well-polished upbringing by Simon and Helena due to which he deserved the throne anyway. But after all the revelations which took place in the previous season, people are not sure how he would turn out to be as the new monarch in The Royals Season 4.

The television drama series happens to be E! Network’s first ever scripted series through which celebrated actress Elizabeth Hurley gained a lot of appreciation for depicting the character of Queen Helena. The plot line of the series is loosely based on the novel Falling For Hamlet by Michelle Ray and the third installment of The Royals gained 1.1 million viewerships.

The air date for The Royals Season 4 has not been announced by the showrunners yet but the production of the upcoming installment might kick-start soon.

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