Best Bridal Lehenga: The Perfect Lehenga To Wear With Each Body Shape

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It’s every bride’s dream to look perfect on her wedding day. The culmination of this is as a result of the preparations done before that day. Shopping for a wedding lehenga is the most important part of the ceremony. You may have the best designer lehenga available, but if the style of the bridal lehenga doesn’t suit your body size, the whole ceremony will be a flop.

It’s very important that the bride chooses the right lehenga style that will suit her body shape. If you have an apple, rectangle, hourglass, or pear shaped body, picking the right lehenga style design will flatter your body and give you more personality.

Choosing the right bridal lehenga that will fit your body shape will not only make you look beautiful on your big day but it will also boost your confidence. You might not even know your body shape which will make it easier for you when it comes to choosing the right outfit. These are the common body shapes that will help you identify your shape so that you can get the right lehenga.

The Pear shaped body

Shopping for a lehenga weddingThis is a typical body shape for most Indian women. A pear shaped body has heavy hips and thighs and a slender top. If you have a pear-shaped body it means the focal points on your body are your thighs, hips, and butt. You have a defined waist but less prominent than the lower part of your body and you have narrow shoulders and bust.

The perfect lehenga for your body shape is an A-line lehenga with a fitting waist flared in an A shape to the hem with puff sleeves or a heavy ornate choli to give you a balanced look.

Avoid fishtailed gowns or tube tops. To balance your curves, you can also opt for a blouse with volume and details and a low waist lehenga or a draping bridal saree just below the navel which draws attention to your defined waistline. Avoid tight-fitting bridal gowns that will show off your body shape but at the same time might be disrespectful.

The Apple-shaped body

an apple body shape wedding lehenga

If you have an apple body shape lehenga you have weight around your chest and mid-section, an undefined waist, and a wide rib cage and back. To give your body more proportion and make your waist appear smaller, the full flared lehenga is what you need.

A bridal lehenga design that has empire-length styles and deep necklines with soft fabric like chiffon or georgette will enhance your Bridal look and bring out your feminine side. To give balance to the entire outfit, wear a long length choli that has a V or U cut from the hem. You can also pair a dupatta that covers the front part of your waist with a long choli that ends slightly where the lehenga starts. A tummy tucker will help shape your stomach.

The Rectangle shaped body

A rectangle body shape has no waist definition, the width of the hips and bust are the same, and fat is evenly stored all over the body. This means that the lehenga you choose has to add some curves to your frame. You can go for a wide full skirt made with stiff fabric like silk or net to add some volume to your bottom. You can pair it with a low and plunging blouse to create the illusion of curves.rectangle body shape lehenga

The Hourglass shaped body

The hourglass shape is the ideal body shape because it has a proportionate bust, waist, and hip ratio which makes everything looks perfect on you. If you have an hourglass shape you have a defined waist, well-proportioned curves, and your bust-line and hip-line have the same width.

It’s very easy to choose a bridal lehenga for an hourglass body shape. There are many styles at stylecaret you can wear like the flowy silhouette lehenga with a fitted short choli will be perfect and it will accentuate your body shape more. You can also wear a fish-cut, net dupatta, full ghera, with heavy embroidery on your lehenga and still look good.

Avoid wearing lehengas made from heavy fabric that will hide your body shape. Bridal gowns with puffy sleeves will exaggerate your shoulders and give you smaller body shape. Also, stay away from lehengas with big floral designs or prints that will draw attention away from your waistline.

The Inverted triangle shaped body

This is a cone-shaped body which is the opposite of the pear-shaped body which has a broad top and a narrow bottom. If you have such a body shape you have wider shoulders than your hipline, you have an athletic or sporty physique, and your upper body is more pronounced than the lower part. The perfect lehenga for this body shape would be a flared or circular lehenga with a large circumference with many pleats near the waist and a choli with little embellishments with a plunging neckline.

This will enhance your broad shoulders and defined bust drawing the attention down. Avoid choli’s with too much embroidery or embellishments make the bust look bulky. To create a balance to your look, wear capes, jackets, etc. made with soft fabric to layer the top.

Avoid bridal lehenga designs that have ruffled or puffy sleeves. They make your shoulders look broader.


When you go out shopping bear in mind your body shape so that it becomes easier to know the type of bridal suits you can wear to bring out the best you. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a bridal lehenga only to wear it and have to return it because it doesn’t suit your body shape.

The lehenga you adorn for any occasion has to flatter your body and enhance your beauty. Also, the colour combination, print, and patterns have to be just right to hide any flares but still bring out the desired effect. Now that you know your body shape you can go out and shop for your favourite lehenga.

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