The only ISP in the US that Allow Unlimited Streaming to its Subscribers

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The only ISP in the US that Allow Unlimited Streaming to its Subscribers: Getting the internet service through the cable is not only easy but also cost-effective. In cable, internet signals move through the same line in which TV signals move. So browse the internet and watch your favorite shows on TV all at the same time. Fast Internet is the basic necessity of every household all over the world especially in the USA. In this article, you are going to learn about the only ISP that gives users the leverage to stream as much as they want without adding up extra bucks in the monthly bill.

What is Spectrum?

Allow Unlimited Streaming to its Subscribers

Spectrum Cable is the result of the massive merger of two different cable providers i.e., Time Warner Cable, and Bright house network by a telecommunication company known as Charter. This merging occurred in 2016, and ever since it is created, it has hundreds of happy customers who have all the right things to say about the services.

What is my cable Internet?

When we talk about Spectrum how can we forget about “ This website is the 100% authorized retailer of Charter Spectrum that offers pocket-friendly bundled solutions for the digital services like High-speed internet, HD cable TV and Digital phone facility. The exclusive link that we have with the top-notch service Provider shows our level of commitment, and it also ensures that we are capable of providing the best deals and digital services to our customers. Through our high-end facilities, we can fulfill the customer’s entertainment needs as well their urge of being connected to the world. We provide market competitive services to each of our subscribers and don’t cost them with an extra fee.

Following are the features of Charter Internet

High Speed:

With high-speed, users can enjoy an internet service with bandwidth enough to connect all the portable devices in the house without losing efficiency. The internet connection not only allows high speed downloading but also fast uploading. With more than 100Mbps customers can stream HD videos in mere seconds and will never catch up in buffering issues.

• Zero data caps:

The Internet service has no data caps which mean that users have a liberty to use as much data as they want as there are no limits. While other providers seize the Internet speed once the user goes overboard in data usage, my cable internet provides unlimited data and even if the users exceed the data limit they will receive a standard bill each month.

• The policy of No contract:

Charter firmly believes in no-contract policy. Usually, the providers trap the users in a lengthy and costly agreement for months and sometimes for years too. If the user tries to cut the cord during the course of an agreement they will then have to pay a certain amount as termination fees. With “my cable internet” users will only pay for what they access and do not have to sign up any sort of agreement with the provider. Charter is also willing to buy your old contracts by paying up the termination fees up to $500.

• Highly-Reliable Performance:

Federal Communications Commission is known to track the performance and reliability of the internet connection by different providers. As per their published report, almost 90% of the time Spectrum is giving its customers more than 95% of its advertised speed. Besides reliability in the speed, my cable company is also providing a zero-latency connection which means that the connection will never lose the performance or get lost even during disasters.

• Parental control:

Parental control enables the parents to have full access and control to the content that has been accessed by the other family members of the house. This allows safe browsing and blocking of inappropriate content containing websites. The Guardian has the liberty to set up parental control on emails, routers and on TV sets.

• Packages:

Users are allowed to bundle internet services with other facilities by the providers. With my cable internet, you can subscribe to high-speed internet, HD cable TV, and digital phone service. For more budget-friendly approach, the users are advised to go for a package tier that gives users the privilege to enjoy the service with full liberty through spending lesser money. Users can also choose the speed of their connection. The packages are available as single, double, and triple play. With each package, customers will pay a monthly fee for a year without bounding in a contract.

• Wide Coverage:

Charter Spectrum Internet service is widely accessible in the 41 states of the US. The internet speed in almost all the states starts from 60Mbps and is expected to reach 1Gbps by the end of 2018. So, no matter where you live, you can enjoy high-speed internet connection with Charter in a budget-friendly pricing.

• Security suite:

Now practice safe browsing and downloading with the Charter Internet. The modem has pre-installed security software “Security Suite”. The malicious material is everywhere on the web that can embed in your system and cause a lot of damage to the connected portable devices. Thanks to this software now your devices will also be protected against the hacking and no one can tap your personal data.

Free Wi-Fi hotspot:

Through free Hot-Spot facility, users are able to take their internet connection whether they visit a country site or a metro city in the US. Customers can instantly access thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots that help them in staying connected always on the go.

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