The Nintendo Switch may get a new Pokemon Game

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Pokemon Game

Pokemon Sun and Moon may have been released only recently, but in no way are the games’ creators putting their feet up anytime soon. If new rumours are to be believed, then a version of the role-playing titles is in development at present, especially for the recently unveiled Nintendo Switch. The developers are currently aiming for a 2017 release for the upcoming title, which has been codenamed Pokemon Stars.

Pokemon Sun and Moon was released for the Nintendo 3DS console. Pokemon Star will mark the first time an existing Pokemon series will be released across separate consoles. The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid between a home console and a handheld one, so technically speaking, this will also mark the first time that a Pokemon game is being released on a home console. But that will hardly be an impediment to the game’s core nature because of the Switch’s versatility. Instead, the Switch’s build certainly has the potential to take the game’s battling and trading on the move to another level.

Eurogamer says that the game’s development was previously stalled due to pre-release wrap up on Pokemon Sun and Moon. But now that the games are out, the publication’s sources have confirmed that work will be resumed in full swing. The report also clarifies why Pokemon Stars will be a game to look forward to for those who own the previous games. Not only will the new title offer higher graphics resolution, but the Nintendo Switch game may also come with a bunch of new added Pokemon. What’s more is that players will be allowed to trade creatures back and forth between Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokemon Stars using the Pokemon Bank app. Certain things, however, will remain the same, such as the maps and the overall artistic manner.

Coming to Pokemon Stars’ release date, Eurogamer reports that the game’s initial launch plans were delayed and pushed back to the later part of 2017. For the Nintendo Switch, its makers have already tied up with a bunch of big developers like Ubisoft, EA, Konami and Capcom to name but a few; so it is no secret that the upcoming console will come with a wide array of titles upon its launch. Of course, there are Nintendo‘s own popular games to look forward to as well. With Pokemon Stars, the Nintendo Switch will add another exciting title to its belt.

The Nintendo Switch is expected to come out in March 2017. Prices in the US are rumoured to range between $250 and $300.

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