The Mick Season 2 Gets Greenlit, Thanks to a Phenomenal Star Cast

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Mick Season 2

The Mick Season 2:The American sitcom television series The Mick got a green signal from Fox on February 21 and will come up with 13 brand new episodes to continue the hilarity. The show happens to be Fox’s first comedy series to get renewed and the constant elevation of viewerships and ratings is one of the many reasons for the show’s extension. The plot line of the series emphasizes the character of Mackenzie “Mickey” Murphy (Kaitlin Olson) and the struggles which she goes through while bringing up her nephews and niece. And most of the times the scenarios add dollops of humor to the plot line. Therefore, fans are now gearing up to go through another laugh riot with the release of The Mick Season 2.

The sitcom tv series’ magnificent star cast and their comic timings earned a lot of recognition among viewers and even David Madden,Fox‘s President of Entertainment, commented on it by stating: “Kaitlin is a fearless comedic force, and the rest of the cast has just proven to be phenomenal.” As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Madden also spoke about how the developers of the show (Dave and John Chernin) try to execute exactly what they want to portray with utmost perfection and are quite confident about their vision. Therefore, the members of the Network are extremely happy to greenlight The Mick Season 2.

The very first installment of The Mick kick-started on January 1 and is still ongoing and the plot line of the show attracted several viewers right after the broadcast of its first episode. Season 1 still has seven more episodes to deliver but that doesn’t stop the viewers from anticipating the scenarios which might take place in The Mick Season 2.

The makers of the show are expected to add some more hilarity in the new installment and Mickey’s ways of slogging behind the kids in The Mick Season 2 is surely going to be rib-tickling like never before.

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