The Last Guardian is getting PlayStation 4 Pro Optimisation

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The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian: A month before SIE‘s The Last Guardian comes out on the PS 4, it comes to our knowledge that the new game willarrive with PlayStation 4 Pro support. According to Sony, the recently released console houses upgraded CPU and GPU to offer 4Kresolution and unmatched frame rates. While a number of existing games have already been announced to get PS 4 Pro support, The Last Guardian is among those titles still in the pipeline which is being enhanced for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

It is yet unclear what changes the PlayStation 4 Pro version of The Last Guardian will come with, but Eurogamer says it willalso support HDR via a patch. Apart from The Last Guardian, some of the other upcoming titles that will be playable on the PlayStation 4 Pro are Watch Dogs 2,Final Fantasy XV,Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, andFor Honor.

The Last Guardianis a heavily-anticipated titledesigned and directed by Fumito Ueda, and it contains many of the elements seen in his previously acclaimedgames. Having been in development for nearly ten years, The Last Guardian has undergone quite a few delays. But going by whatever we have seen of the game so far, including some in-depth gameplay footages, itappears that the creators have utilised the extra time to the best of their abilities.

At the heart of The Last Guardian lies the typically Ueda-like theme of an unlikely, but golden, man-beast relationship. But this one is distinct; for starters, the beast in the upcoming game is not a horse, but a mammoth avian-mammal hybrid named Trico. However, players must be advised that Trico is far from being pet-material. He has a personality of his own which the player needs to understand to fully utilise in his favour.

Players in the US will be able to get their hands on The Last Guardian on December 6. Meanwhile, you can check out the latest gameplay trailer below.

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