The Key Benefits of a Portable Gantry Crane

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Not all lifting jobs will require the large and heavy cranes. Sometimes a smaller but equally efficient tool will suffice. A portable gantry crane is one such example. And yes, its portability in no way compromises its performance capabilities. If anything, this type crane is also designed to effectively lift extremely heavy objects.

Today we’re going to explain some of the benefits associated with using these cranes. But before we outline the advantages, let’s explain what exactly a gantry crane is. This product is among the different cranes used for lifting objects by using a hoist.

Where Portable Gantry Cranes Are Used

Portable gantry cranes can be used by the following:

  • Mechanical contractors
  • Power generation facilities
  • Water treatment plants
  • HVAC applications
  • Metal fabricating facilities

Advantages of Using Portable Gantry Cranes

Below we’re going to outline why investing in a portable gantry crane is a good idea.


Gantry cranes are extremely versatile units and aren’t a one-size-fits-all so you need to pick the right one for the intended job. Its versatility means you can use the crane either indoors or outdoors.

We’ll quickly discuss some of their uses and where they best excel:

  • Shipbuilding: Here the crane is designed to straddle the ship so you can work with heavy objects like the ship’s engine that are to be installed onto the ship.
  • Workshops: You can also use a gantry crane to lift the engine out of a vehicle.
  • Manufacturing jobs: The smaller gantry cranes can be used to move large parts from a specific location to another or in between assembly points.

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Different Sizes

Gantry cranes are available in different sizes so you can pick the correct size for the required task. Because of their different sizes you can use them in both small and large industries, plants and warehouses.

Height Adjustment

Depending on the intended task, you can either pick the gantry crane that comes with a height adjustment feature or fixed. Opting for the crane with a custom height feature means you can adjust the gantry crane to reach different heights depending on your task. This means you’ll be able to easily through a doorway or navigate easily around obstacles.

Complete Mobility

Forget a permanent crane; one of the huge draw cards of a portable gantry is it’s complete mobility. Portable gantry cranes are designed in an A-frame design which features wheels. This makes it easier for the crane to be moved around quickly and easily which greatly increases productivity.


Most portable gantry cranes are made up of either steel or aluminium which are both very strong and durable materials. And the best part is even though aluminium is sturdy, it’s not as heavy which makes the overall unit easy to move.

Quick to Set Up

Another advantage of portable gantry cranes is that they’re not mounted. This makes it easy and quick to both assemble & disassemble. As a result, it makes the unit easy to transport to any location where it’s needed and setting it up will be a breeze.

best Portable Gantry Crane


Wondering where to store your cranes? That’s something you don’t have to worry about if you invest in portable gantry cranes because they’re foldable. Because of this space saving design, it allows for easy storage.


You’ll also appreciate how strong portable cranes are. They’re designed to lift very large and heavy loads that other cranes aren’t able to. In certain instances, portable gantry cranes can lift objects that are up to 5 tons in weight.

But before you decide on the size and weight capacity of the unit, make sure it aligns with the

Safe Working Load (SWL) of your working equipment. This will ensure your workers’ safety.

Parking Brakes

Depending on the model you pick, you can get a portable gantry crane which features parking brakes. This is a very useful feature especially where safety of both you—and your cargo—are concerned. Thanks to the parking brakes, the lifting medium will stay in position as you lift or lower a load.

Available Power Drive Kits

Portable gantry cranes are further made versatile because they come with different power drive kits to pick from. These kits ultimately determine where you can use the unit. The most common kits include:

  • V-track drives: If you plan on moving objects along a fixed path, then you must opt for a gantry crane with V-track drives. Basically the crane will feature V-groove wheels which are designed to move along a fixed path.
  • Guide angle drives: A portable gantry crane with guide angle drives is the one to pick if you want the unit to run along a wall. It features two polyurethane wheels that are guided by a guide angle on one side. The guide angle is bolted to the base of the wall which makes it easier to use in that scenario.
  • Trackless Drives: Sometimes you don’t need tracks or angle guides on your shop floor. This is where a crane with a trackless drive comes in. It’s designed to turn the motor on and off and as a result no tracks are left behind.

Final Words

A gantry crane is the best equipment to use in situations where you can’t use the overhead crane. Its portability means you can use it to move products through low or narrow passageways. Isn’t this what you need to optimise efficiency?

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