The Kapil Sharma Show: Bollywood Boycotts him Post Sunil Grover Tiff

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Kapil Sharma Show

Unprofessionalism and self-god attitude seem to cast a lot for Kapil Sharma! After his marred image for his ill-treatment to his co-stars and show partner Sunil Grover, now his famous show The Kapil Sharma Show is in insecurity too. Kapil’s ugly fight with Sunil Grover cause Sunil leave the show then and there and some other co-actors Ali Asgar, Chandan Prabhakar, Sugandha Mishra have already joined the strike have also accompanied him to show their support. After the incident, the Bollywood actors too boycott the show as they don’t think the platform is perfect for them to promote their movies and shows.

Kapil had to cancel his shoot this Wednesday as nobody arrived on the set to shoot for the next episode. Currently, Kapil is in a very uncomfortable situation as he is committed to Sony TV for a certain number of episodes, which is in question as all the actors are missing from the set. When Kapil realized when a big mess he has made he tried to tackle the situation by a quick apology which did not work for Sunil, and it is quite evident that the situation is now far beyond damage controlling!

Kapil and her crew were about to shoot an episode with the Naam Shabana team; the shooting was hampered as Sunil and Chandan did not appear on the set. The situation became so stressful for Kapil that he actually breaks down in front of the actor of the movie Manoj Bajpai. Kapil had to cancel his Wednesday shoot as nobody arrived on the set to shoot for the next episode. Ahsaan Qureshi, Sunil Pal, and Raju Srivastav had come out in support of Kapil were asked to return home. Sidhu was given the charge to solve the problem, but Sunil seems to be to adamant to come back to the show.

The ‘comedy king’ slapped Sunil on the fight in their Australia tour and behaved insanely with the team. It is a fact that difficult to maintain stardom and popularity, and mostly people behave godly and from then onwards start to ruin themselves! Some believe Kapil has reached that point.

Now it will be interesting there the matter goes!

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