The Investment Bankers- A Closer Look

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Investment Bankers

The surge of global financial services has allowed the financial sector to grow to even greater prominence in the corporate world by serving core functional services needed by international organizations seeking to make meaningful investments and drive up profit. It has grown into a prestigious and competitive job role with little standing in the way of entry other than a core skillset and a determined, result-oriented performance record and as such, has attracted a younger demographic internationally. Let’s have a closer look at investment bankers.

The Investment Bankers- A Closer Look

Investment Bankers


Due to the competitive nature of the industry, candidates from the best universities and institutions are more likely to get picked up by larger firms and this is kind of a problem as this is not necessarily a gauge in quality. Degrees such as MBA are highly sought after, however, backgrounds in mathematics, statistics, economics, and business are also widely accepted but make the road more challenging and the barrier to entry is still higher. It is crucial for potential candidates for the role to be able to perform core functionalities by virtue of their skillsets and expertise acquired from their educational background.

  • They must be able to deliver real-world, sales-oriented financial solutions for their firm and clients in order to negate losses and drive up profits.
  • They should possess theoretical, practical and strategic acumen to apply themselves for financial challenges while handling investment policy and strategy development.
  • They should be able to play a core analytical role to correctly identify interest rates and margins to be able to accurately gauge the findings presented in financial data.
  • They must be able to judge and understand the potential of their current investment portfolio.

The Task at Hand

The principal task of an investment banker is to acquire financial assets from investors by connecting them with each other, and the exchange happens as stocks or financial securities like bonds. These people assume an essential role in helping privately owned businesses open up to the world by organizing initial public offerings(IPOs). Mergers and acquisitions are under the purview of the investment banker role as well.

At the point when organizations are keen on being taken over, buying out, or even as merging with another organization, they search out the mergers and acquisitions experts who are usually accomplished investment banking professionals. They represent considerable authority in coordinating these arrangements and play a key advisory role alongside their financial responsibilities. They must analyze data and dissect the best course of action to take, to be able to help their clients’ financial investments to the furthest of their capabilities.

Attractive Salary

Undergraduates are anxious to take up a job as an investment banking professional straight out of college as it empowers them to begin earning a good salary immediately. A high base-pay with attractive incentive-based approaches and motivators is an extraordinary draw for youthful, enthusiastic individuals who wish to be engaged with important work.

The normal yearly budget for financial sales services professionally is near $102,000, with the best of these professionals being paid $131,000 every year. Most four-year professional banking certification holders begin nearer to the lower end of the compensation review and increment their compensation with additional experience, qualifications, and preparation.

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