The Incredibles 2 Release Date, Plot, Rumours, News and Updates

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The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2: Pixar‘s critically acclaimed 2004 film, The Incredibles, has had a sequel long coming. The Parrs’ story of trying to blend in with the rest of the world while being completely aware of the factors that set them apart struck a chord with many viewers. Therefore, it came as no surprise when the film’s director Brad Bird announced his wishes to make The Incredibles 2.

The Incredibles 2 Announcement

Despite being in the pipeline for a long time, The Incredibles 2 was not announced before 2014 after a decade-longwait since the release of the first film. Brad Bird is writing the screenplay for The Incredibles 2, production for which began in the latter half of 2015 following the release of Pixar’s Tomorrowland. Bird had pointed out earlier that he wanted to ensure that the upcoming film was greater in prospects compared to the original, adding later that The Incredibles 2 will not adhere to the current trends in superhero filmmaking. Bird will also be directing the upcoming film.

The Incredibles 2 Release Date

The Incredibles 2 was originallyset to come out on June 21, 2019. Pixar’s initial plans were to release the film after Toy Story4, which was given a release date in 2018. However, in a bizarre switch, the dates of the two films have been interchanged, and it was recently announced that The Incredibles 2 is now set to release on June 15, 2016.

The Incredibles 2 Characters

We can certainly expect to see all the members of the Parr family, Bob, Helen and their kids Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack, return for the second film. In 2014, actor Samuel L. Jackson who had played Mr Incredible’s superhero friend Frozone confirmed that he would also be a part of The Incredibles 2. A new actor will likely be cast as Jack-Jack, who was only an infant during the first film and will have grown into a young boy when the Parrs return. Edna Mode, thedesigner who specialises in making outfits for superheroes, will also possibly be seen in the upcoming film.

The Incredibles 2 Plot

The film will focus on the lives of the Parrs, who are now more comfortable in their own skin living among a society of common people. Details about the film’s plot have not been disclosed yet, but there are speculations that the Incredibles will be struggling with issues about good and evil within their own family. Bird had said earlier that The Incredibles had its central focus on the family aspect rather than the superhero part, and if reports are to be believed, this will be the case with The Incredibles 2 as well. According to Yibada, the youngest Parr, Jack-Jack might turn out to be the villain in the upcoming villain. In the original film, the infant was largely portrayed as being normal until the end, where he began toadopt an array of different forms. In The Incredibles 2, Jack-Jack’s powers as a shapeshifter are expected to be magnified along with the addition of several other strengths, potentially making him the most powerful member among the Incredibles. Perhaps his powers will attract the attention of enemies and villains who would want to take advantage of those to achieve their own ends.

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