The Great Indoors Season 1: Premiere Date of Joel McHale’s CBS Sitcom is Approaching

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The Great Indoors Season 1

The Great Indoors Season 1: It’s going to be an extremely eventful month for all the fans of American television series, as the release date of quite a lot of TV series are approaching. However, one of the most awaited American television sitcoms of this month The Great Indoors is up for its grand premiere on October 27, 2016 with The Great Indoors season 1. Created by Mike Gibbons the plotline of the sitcom revolves around how an adventure journalist (Joel McHale) of a magazine named as Outdoor Limits has to deal with a bunch of millennials from the digital sector of the entity as the CEO of the company asks Joel to head the online team. The trailer of The Great Indoors season 1 which came out almost four months back created quite a lot of buzz among the viewers, as it look extremely promising.

The 4 minutes 16 seconds trailer looks quite exciting as it adds a lot of humour to the plotline as well. The first scene itself is immensely amusing when Jack Gordon (Joel McHale) enters the digital department of Outdoor Limits magazine, and the receptionist fails to recognize him as the adventure reporter of the same organisation as she asks him to show his id. And Jack shows the receptionist his poster which is placed right behind her and says “I am Jack Gordon and that’s my id right there”.

Right after that the hilarity of The Great Indoors season 1 starts escalating, as Jack meets the person who runs the magazine, and he tells him that the young kids in the office have got spark but don’t know what to write about. To which Jack says “yea I have seen the website.. best three ways to drink your urine?” There is no best way. You just drink it.” With such glimpse of The Great Indoors season 1 the sitcom television series is surely going to tickle the bones of the viewers with the portrayal of its humorous storyline along with the happenings of a media house.

The fans are expecting a lot from The Great Indoors season 1 as Joel McHale is already known as a renowned comedian who has always made sure to put a smile on one’s face. Nevertheless the viewers are just waiting to release their curiosity buds by witnessing the happenings of the sitcom television series.

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