The Future of Renewable Power in India

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The Future of Renewable Power in India

Renewable energy is that source of energy that does not get depleted when used. Some of the examples of renewable energy include solar power, wind power, biomass, etc. There are various benefits of using renewable energy when compared to the other sources of energy . Having a positive impact on the environment is one such benefit of renewable energy.

India has always been keen on using the renewable sources of energy to meet its power requirements. In this article, the prospect of power generation in India through renewable energy sources is discussed in detail.

  • Present Scenario of Renewable Energy in India

At present, India’s dependence on renewable sources accounts for only 18.37%. A total of 62,053 MWp of renewable power is connected to the grid which includes all the collective power from wind, solar and other renewable energy sources. Check the table below to know the grid-connected capacity of the important renewable sources.

Renewable Sources Total Installed Grid Capacity
Solar Power (Ground Mounted and Rooftop) 15574.71 MW
Wind Power 32,715.37 MW
Small Hydropower 4,399.35 MW
Biomass power and waste-to-power 8295.78 MW
Total Generation 60,985.21 MW
  • India’s Stand at a Global Level

India has always been inclined towards using renewable energy to meet the power demand. It was the first country to establish a separate ministry, called the ministry of non-conventional energy sources (MNES) in the 1980s which was renamed as MNRE in 2006. Some achievements of India regarding the use of renewable sources are:

  • India is the fourth largest producer of wind power with a capacity of 32,746 MW.
  • India has the third largest solar park in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh with a capacity of 1000 MW.
  • India has a separate body for the development of solar energy called Solar Energy Corporation of India.
  • Future Targets

India is extremely ambitious to promote the use of renewable energy . A target of producing 40% of its total energy needs from renewable sources by 2030 has been put forth in its Intended Nationally Determined Contributions statement in the Paris Agreement. By 2022, India has also set a target to achieve 175 GW of power from renewable energy. The 2022 targets are given in the table below.

Renewable Sources Target in 2022
Solar Power (ground mounted and rooftop) 1 Lakh MW
Wind Power 60, 000 MW
Small Hydropower 10,000 MW
Biomass power and waste-to-power 8295.78 MW
Total Generation 60,985.21 MW

These highly ambitious figures prove that India is completely in favour of utilizing renewable energy sources and make it the main source of energy in the near future. There are various private and public companies that have been established in the country to promote and generate power from renewable energy sources.

Electricity is extremely crucial for the development of a country and using renewable sources are considered to be the cleanest sources of power generation. Know about electricity from the below video and think of utilising various other sources of energy that can provide power to the future generation.

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