The Flash Season 4 Confirmed by The CW Before Mid-season Break is Up

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The Flash Season 4:The CW recently renewed a number of television shows for a new season this year, and unsurprisingly enough, The Flash is one of them. Barry Allen’s superhero alias has been fighting crime on the small screen since 2014and going by the latest proceedings, we should be able to see The Flash Season 4 return in 2017 itself.


Alongside this particular series, the next seasons of Supergirl, Arrow, and Supernatural have also been picked up by the network. If you follow these shows regularly, you will know that all of them are currently on a mid-season break on their current season and will resume airing this month. Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW, has said that this early renewal is an indicator towards the popularity of the series, and the move will allow the show creators to plan in advance regarding the plot of the shows.

Coming to The Flash Season 4, there is currently no news on when the new instalment is scheduled to go on air. However, the network is supposed to announce their full schedule for Fall 2016 in May, so we will find out eventually. At present, fans are anxious for the show’s third season to return, which it will do on January 24. The upcoming episode 10 of The Flash Season 3 will showcase Barry’s persisting dilemma over his vision of the future. In the previous episode titled The Present, Barry was thrown several months into the future and witnessed Savitar coming back and killing Iris. But as the maskedhero is tormented by this thought, Jay reminds him that the future can be changed.

In The Flash Season 3 Episode 10 titled “Borrowing Problems from the Future,” Barry will come to know about a new villain called Plunder as the latter makes an appearance in the city. However, Plunder was associated with Barry’s vision of Iris’s death, so he is understandably plagued by his dilemma. Should he catch him? Can catching Plunder somehow save Iris from her devastating fate? The teaser promo for the upcoming episode showed Barry working with Cisco to make things right in the future. So at least he has a plan.

Borrowing Problems from the Future” will air on January 24, 2017, on The CW, followed by the rest of the episodes in Season 3. We expect The Flash Season 4 to go on air sometime in late 2017. Stay tuned for more news aboutfuture developments.

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