The Flash Season 3 Episode 5 Spoilers, Synopsis, Updates: Caitlin Snow will soon be seen in her Villainous Avatar

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The Flash Season 3

The Flash Season 3 Episode 5: The acclaimed spin-off television series with Barry Allen at its centre has been running its third season since early October, and has already riveted audiences with the external and internal struggles of its meta-human characters. The Flash Season 3‘s last aired episode, titled The New Rogues saw Dr Caitlin Snow do something quite extraordinary with her metahuman powers. Though her emerging strengths have been hinted at earlier on the show, last week’s episode showcased those more openly. Caitlin was also seen taking on some of the physical attributed of her villainous doppelganger. This week’s episode will carry on from there and focus a fair bit on Caitlin herself, among other things.

Caitlin Snow in The Flash Season 3 Episode 2. Image Courtesy: Inverse.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 5 Synopsis

The synopsis for Episode 5, titled Monster, on IMDB says about the Caitlin bit: “Caitlin visits her mother to help her understand her growing meta-human powers.” Caitlin’s mother, Dr Tannhauser, is a renowned biomedical researcher whom Caitlin goes to for help. But things go awry when she realises that she is more of an interest to her mother as a test subject to be experimented on. This may bring about the onset of the much-speculated personality transformation in Caitlin, making her more akin to her Killer Frost avatar. Though how exactly Caitlin will commence down the path of destruction still awaits to be seen. Also, the entire transformation is not likely to happen overnight and so the next few episodes may focus on Caitlin’s story more extensively.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 5 Promo

“There is a monster in town”, says the new trailer for The Flash Season 3 Episode 5, and it focuses more on Barry, Cisco, and Earth-19 Harrison Wells. But judging by the video, something about Wells makes the others suspicious about his true intentions for being on Earth 1. This prompts Cisco to snoop through his belongings, but it appears that he will be caught in the act as Wells is seen saying in the trailer: “Is trust not something that you have on this Earth?” It is quite possible that Earth 19 Wells, who was handpicked by Cisco and Caitlin to help the situation in Earth 1 for appearing to be good, will walk the shoes of the original Wells, who ultimately was revealed to be Reverse-Flash.

Watch The Flash Season 3 Episode 5 on Tuesday, November 1 on The CW.

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