The Fall Season 3 : Will Spector Use Gibson’s Young Lover as Her Vulnerability?

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The Fall Season 3

The Fall Season 3:We left season 2 with Spector being shot which led us to believe The Fall Season 3 is coming. But it took them over a year to develop the third season which will finally premiere on 25th September in Ireland and on 29th September in the UK. The trailer shows that the upcoming instalment will pick up the events of the past. And speculation is that sinceSpector (Gillian Anderson)is now in the hands of police, he might do everything to escape Gibson (Jamie Dornan) in The Fall Season 3 (assuming that he survives the gunshot).

The Fall Season 3

Season 3 is likely to focus on saving Paul Spector, The Belfast Strangler’s life, the effect of the revelation of his crimes on his family, the ensuing media frenzy, all through the ongoing investigations headed by Gibson. According to the List, this season we’d get to see ‘an aspect of police thrillers we rarely get to see.’ For this season, writer Allan Cubitt put someextraeffort towards drawing out the intriguingcharacters of Spector and Gibson.

The Fall Season 3: Will Spector Use Gibson’s Young Lover?

Spector is very intelligent and very manipulative, it’s likelyhe’d do anything to escape, to win. The Independent reports that his initial move might be of taking advantage of Gibson’s relationship with her young lover, a police colleague. He is also likely to take help fromKatie Benedetto.

The Fall Season 3: When is it Coming on Netflix?

Season 3 of The Fall premieres on Netflix, October 29, appropriately in time for Halloween.

The Fall Potential Future Seasons?

Allan Cubitt revealed expressed intention for future series. He said he has ideas for several seasons past Spector’s arc and also that this is Dornan’s last.Cubitt added that the fourth series “isn’t going to be straight away.” To this Anderson said: “I’m excited by the idea of potentially revisiting it in a few years, to see what transpires in Stella’s life afterwards.”

It has taken 2 years for the third and final season to make its way to the screen. And we are expecting nothing short of greatness from The Fall season 3.

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